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Always loved this track from Kimbo. Just got around to doing a little backing for it.


August 30 2015 21:15:58
just mega cool Wade!
+1 September 23 2015 21:21:48 jamlady Wade
Just saw that you commented. As always I'm very happy that you took time to listen.

Thanks Jamlady!
August 15 2015 12:24:45
Yeah, yes Wade this is the right sax for it!! Great playing like ever! !!
+1 August 15 2015 22:06:26 frankyguitar Wade
So glad you like. Great funk feel from Kimbo that makes this happen.
August 15 2015 22:41:49 frankyguitar frankyguitar
Yes, agree totally! Kimbo have a fine day, he was/ is sailing.... :D I Love sailing
August 15 2015 10:51:28
ah yeah!
+1 August 15 2015 22:05:34 Marceys Wade
Got you inspired? So glad.
August 14 2015 18:47:11
Ha! Wade's great sax for a great track by Kimbo)
+1 August 14 2015 21:48:09 SlonMusic Wade
Thanks Steve. Glad you like it. Certainly has been on my "to do" list for way too long.
August 14 2015 02:26:47
Boogie on my man.. perfect !!
+1 August 14 2015 11:16:08 Psycho Wade
Thanks my man. Such a wonderful vibe this has considering that Kimbo was talking about a real incident that was not the best of situations for him.
August 13 2015 21:23:00
tapping my feet and dancing in my the interplay here between the guitar and the sax and the sheer funky nessssss and the sound effects too...great and groovy fun ! cooooool :):)
+1 August 13 2015 22:39:51 Shi Wade
Thanks Shi. All credit to Kimbo for the track, sound effects and funky feel. I've always loved this and it was the right one to bring me out of my blue funk.
August 13 2015 19:56:21
Sooo cool, too bad I'm not at home for at least a week.. Can't wait to play my bass to this :)
+1 August 13 2015 22:37:52 haddock Wade
I so much want to hear you on this!!! I can wait, but definitely want to hear you on this one.
August 13 2015 15:31:18
Very cool template choice & not ''too bad'' for someone who is loosing his chops…. :D :D
+1 August 13 2015 22:36:29 nuno1959 Wade
So I went through a rough patch....getting better now (I hope). Will unfortunately be heading off in a week and then not playing for five weeks. Hope this practice time tides me through.
August 14 2015 03:18:41 nuno1959 nuno1959
Your music comes from your heart, you will ALWAYS find a way of conveying the emotions.. ;)
August 13 2015 13:50:10
Fantastic Wade
+1 August 13 2015 22:34:45 ivax Wade
Thanks Xavi. Just getting enough time to get my chops back together.
August 13 2015 11:41:53
Agree with Martin - you really got it Wade Fantastic :)
+1 August 13 2015 22:33:27 PJE Wade
Thanks so much. Working at getting my mojo back and this track from Kimbo always made me smile....which is the right attitude...and facial posture for playing sax!

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