Where Did Nanny Go?

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A re-take this time on Tenor Sax. Great template from GlezBass and accented beautifully by mpointon. Part of my mojo re-capture project. Concentrating on rhythms in this.


Fantastic sax line and sound, as usual+1
November 05 2015 23:07:59
Wade Ha! I guess you just found this. You know how much I love this track. So glad you're OK with what I've done on it. +1
November 06 2015 09:30:57
GlezBass There are so many track that sometimes we miss +3
March 23 2016 20:15:20
Wade So true, but would be easier if you hit that "follow" button. Maybe you prefer the other sax players you are "following"? Does seem strange after so many tunes together over the years and our personal connection. Oh well, just have to learn to live with rejection... +1
March 24 2016 11:09:36
GlezBass If you're a little time away from the wikiloop as happens to me, sometimes I can not hear all the tracks of my favorite musicians, as you know you are in my saxophonists followed he he +1
March 24 2016 20:16:34
Wade Ah, you do want to listen! Thanks. Thought you did, but the devil in me though it would be a good idea to bug you. +1
Gorgeous add Wade, fantastic mix/song/tune !!
Love your lines & tone here, very cool ;)
August 19 2015 05:45:27
Wade Hey Mr Nuno. Been meaning to get back to you. Great Fado stuff. Thanks. Very busy as leaving for a month soon. Will be mostly out of communication. Thanks for the listen and comment. Love ya man. +1
Lenny Cowler
very enjoyable add Wade:)+1
August 15 2015 22:49:37
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. This was a valuable practice for me in trying to get myself (musically) back in shape. Too late to get the rest of me in shape...that's life... +1
A gold liquid this is how I describe the way your sax sound Wade!+1
August 15 2015 22:48:09
Wade So kind of you! The fact is I'll never be a good technical player, so I try to at least have my own tone quality and (generally) stay away from the cliche jazz sound most sax player use. Sax is just another instrument and more flexible than most, so easy to have your own sort of tone...if that's what one wants...I do...thanks for noticing. +0
Amazing add to this great track.+1
August 15 2015 22:44:51
Wade Yes, I love this track, so went back to it. Plenty challenging, and needed this type of practice. Thanks for the listen and comment. +1
August 16 2015 20:00:16
Guadaña It's always a pleasure mate :) +0
Played remarkably well Wade, like the beginning and the end especially!+1
August 15 2015 22:43:08
Wade Well observed! Was once told that beginnings and endings are the most important parts. The beginning has to catch attention, and the end is often all that's remembered. If possible I try to get these right. It's often the only parts I do second (or third +) takes on. Got lucky on this one as a single take (already knew it). +0
fantastic sound+1
August 15 2015 22:39:01
Wade Thanks Fresh. Isn't about time for us to have a piece together again? +0
This is pure elegance! Beautiful dynamics and very nice tone!+1
August 15 2015 22:38:05
Wade Ah shucks...now I'm embarrassed! Never been called elegant...and you know me! Anything but elegant! Appreciate that you like the tone...not otherwise very articulate or technically good, so hope that carries me through.

Dynamics is an interesting thing. I use too much for recording and have to spend a lot of time correcting being too low or too high. Works live OK though.
It is fluid as some water :)+1
August 15 2015 22:32:00
Wade Thanks titi. So much fast pace rhythm here. Just seemed right to play with the longer lines and alternating between 2, 3 and 4 beats (off the inherent possibilities of 6/8). +1
August 15 2015 22:38:06
titi The binary and the ternary belong to them only a big part of rhythmic work of the musician.
It offers many of to alternate them, but it represents an enormous work...
Love your flattering sax Sound! Great work on the rythm :)+1
August 15 2015 22:24:40
Wade You know how to make me feel better. Yes I was going for complimentary timing that (while not mimicking the rhythms in the bass and drums) had drive of it's own. Thanks so much, greatly appreciated. +0

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