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NEEDS ANOTHER SOLO!!! Awesome backing track by Buran! Was hoping that somebody else would love to finish the other half of the solo... Can't wait to hear what you guys can come up with. I've missed this place!
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Gary Moore, Pink Floyd, Mellow, Blues, solos


Man the expression here ,great playing .D+1
August 15 2015 14:10:41
Haffast Thanks a lot Drum! I REALLY appreciate it! I tried to put a little heart into it, at least for me. Ha ha! :) +1
Sweet playing HF :)+1
August 15 2015 15:04:10
Haffast Thanks a lot! Haven't been on here very much lately. Trying to get back into the swing... +0
Great, great solo my friend... amazing!!!!+1
August 15 2015 17:46:54
Haffast Thank you, sir! I have a lot of lost time to make up on here. Going to try to get back at it! +1
you soar with the eagles - i love the section starting at :48 - 1:09 wow to the highest degree!
masterful! loved my listen - thank you!
August 16 2015 00:07:53
Haffast Thank you SO much! I hoped to make something that stands out a little. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! +1
August 16 2015 00:17:03
AnneCozean Success is yours! :) +1
Awesome guitar playing !!+1
August 16 2015 00:10:46
Haffast Thanks man! You killed it on yours! Thank you SO much for the add! It was badass! +0
Super playing - love the dual harmonies!+1
August 16 2015 21:36:33
Haffast Thank you so much! I LOVE harmonized parts and try to do a little one in everything. +1
Oh H, you never fail to amaze me on your guitar. This is gorgeous and flat out awesome guitar playing. Love it!+1
August 16 2015 21:37:56
Haffast Thanks Kelly! I need to work on playing softer, and with more emotion. But I still want to play fast and loud.

I don't like tough decisions. ;)
August 17 2015 05:42:11
KellsBells maybe time to learn "The Fury" method. ahahahaha +1
August 17 2015 05:46:52
Haffast Maybe it is... :) +1
August 17 2015 05:53:47
KellsBells I have looked everywhere and can not find that dude anywhere. :( I want to see him play with the Fury so bad. lol +0
Outstanding and masterful, Champ H!+1
August 16 2015 21:38:44
Haffast Thank you so very much! I especially appreciate that coming from the most elegant and heartfelt pianist I can think of! +1
Fabulous composition Haffast - love the harmonised guitar parts :) Perfectly soulful. Very well played. Multiple thumbs if I could...+1
August 16 2015 21:40:03
Haffast Thank you SO MUCH Paul! I REALLY do appreciate that! I feel like I need more work in the blues playing department, but I'm glad to hear it's so well received for what little emoticon I can get in there. Thank you! +0
Gorgeous add Haf, i love this..
Playlisted !! ;)
August 17 2015 17:10:00
Haffast Thank you Nuno! I'm really glad you liked it! I'm hoping to hear even more additions to it in the future! +1

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