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This is a live recording from a jam I had with my friend Richard roughly one year ago. He played the rhythm git and I did the melody stuff and afterwards added some bass from my keyboard.

Any addition is welcome!

We also started working on this with Anne but never got to a point where Richard and I would be able to replay it together in the right mood and tone, so we left it as is. Anne will surely upload her original sketch soon. Maybe some day in the future we will rework this...


August 18 2015 13:43:39
SlonMusicSlonMusic Just listened Anne's song with this template.. Great work, cool guitaring!

August 18 2015 04:44:13
PsychoPsycho Dang it once again, I miss all the good stuff, and if not for Anne I may have never seen this. Excellent playing hurzel !!

August 17 2015 18:01:33
pklieschpkliesch Sehr cool. Kaum zu glauben, dass das live ist. Klingt wie ne Studioaufnahme. Daumen! :)
+1 August 17 2015 18:50:54 pklieschhurzel
Wow, danke! :) Haben unsere beiden Amps von zwei Seiten relativ nah ans H2 gestellt, da kommt der Sound echt klar rüber. :) Ich finde, man merkt den Live-Charakter an den kleinen Verspielern und Unsauberkeiten, die wir nachträglich nicht mehr korrigieren konnten (und auch nicht wollten ;))
August 17 2015 19:56:57 pklieschpkliesch
Kleine Verspieler und Unsauberkeiten kennzeichnen all meine Studiotakes. Deshalb hab ich's nicht rausgehört :)
August 17 2015 16:03:52
hurzelhurzel Thank you, guys! Don't forget my friend Richard, who worked with me on this song. And don't feel shy to add your ideas! We are open for any addition!

August 17 2015 04:45:53
nuno1959nuno1959 Beautiful soft, moody soundscape !
& Yes i can imagine Anne adding her magic to this

August 16 2015 20:27:59
texassontexasson Very sensitive composition,just beautiful :)

August 16 2015 02:17:49
jamladyjamlady Top sensible Vorlage!

August 15 2015 22:03:43
WadeWade A soft sad wail. Yes, I can already hear Anne.

August 15 2015 20:46:29
cody trippcody tripp Very COOOL !!

August 15 2015 17:48:08
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very nice:)


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