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I wasn't sure if I should upload this :/ . Not sure about the the tone, not sure about the notes an the mix, also Haff's solo is so good that anything that comes afterwards will feel like, I don't know, a disappointment?
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moody, blues, floyd, gary moore, , wah wah


I thought it was awesome TG! and your wah sounded fantastic on it. Really, it fit more with the Gary Moore inspiration than mine ever did. Especially those last thirty seconds or so and at 2:05 Really LOVED that last section!+1
August 15 2015 21:39:16
TeeGee Thanks for your kind words, but if your lead is not Gary Moore, then nothing is. Love those twin guitar sounds, brilliant! +1
August 15 2015 22:02:22
Haffast Thanks so much! I REALLY appreciate your kind words as well! I think this combination sounds great! +0
Hey, the kid is back! nice job TG :)+1
August 15 2015 21:55:31
TeeGee Hahaha I haven't been called kid a long long time :D +0
"Not sure"
now you must leave that to us - we are SURE.
you've got a real distinct sound, TG - i like the words your guitar almost says. 1:37 - 1:41 - !!!! neat shimmery section at 1:55. yep - VERY SURE. :)
Really Fine work! Awesome guitar in here! I think both fits very well!! My Interpretation is we have here a cuple and I think, at this point is ending the love ! Fine work from all of you!! :)+1
Great guitar playing !!! I dig the sound.. Awesome !+1
hey TG,great sound & playing+1
Very good job TG! Great sound and deep feeling. I'm always happy if someone finds inspiration from one of my templates+1
August 16 2015 11:49:08
TeeGee Your templates are always great! Thank you. +1
Nice job with the wah. Fine add man !!+1
Fantastic mate if i was singing i would be singing to this one ~+1
Unbelievably good, TG! This is the most playlisted guitar track I´ve ever playlisted :)+1
August 16 2015 14:17:00
TeeGee :D +0
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