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If it could go wrong in a mix, i made sure it DID.
I failed to beat the horrid buzz into submission - so here it is, in all its buzzing glory, with accompanying apologies from me. (what COULD I have done to get rid of it?)
Benjamin - i can't thank you enough. THANK YOU!!! we'll get this right - one day...:)


September 05 2015 22:31:42
cody trippcody tripp Awesome guitar

August 22 2015 20:06:21
StefStef Buzz? I do not care ! What matters is only your wonderful Voice so intense and melancholy! What else matters? :)
+0 September 05 2015 18:09:22 StefAnneCozean
thank you for your listen, Stef - i so appreciate your time. :)
August 19 2015 10:43:00
RobMRobM So solid !! There is such a powerful ease with you voice Anne and I just love it ! :) Beautiful :)
+0 August 19 2015 10:50:14 RobMRobM
Just remembered who you reminded me of ... Deborah Conway.... :)
September 05 2015 18:08:19 RobMAnneCozean
thank you for your graciousness, Rob!
September 05 2015 18:08:46 RobMAnneCozean
off to check out Deborah Conway....:)
August 19 2015 09:58:06
BassCookBassCook Don´t be sad, Anne. Your voice is wonderland and I love it...;)Very nice track!!
+0 September 05 2015 18:07:55 BassCookAnneCozean
hard to be sad with reviews like yours...:)
August 18 2015 08:00:16
WadeWade As said by lots..."what buzz?" The buzz is "Anne's done another tune"!!! Get in there and listen to it. Such a wordsmith. Love the way you use your lyrics in rhythm that's not just square to the tune. A sophisticated balladeer.
+0 September 05 2015 18:07:16 WadeAnneCozean
Wade - "not just square to the tune" - that was a neat observation! love your ears. :)
August 17 2015 15:16:09
hurzelhurzel actually i've never heard this version of the song... ;-)
The vocals are very good on this!

The guitar part is one of our failed attempts to recreate the original mood, so with those bad guitars, how could you do a decent mix...? ;)

Would you mind uploading the original sketch you created? I can send it to you, if you lost it.

+0 August 17 2015 16:46:40 hurzelAnneCozean
aaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhh! 8(
i'm so sorry, Boss.
August 17 2015 11:57:59
PJEPJE Like night into day I think this This vocal and song rises from simply beautiful to stunningly
Superb - such Space and tone I love the Echo/Delay/Reverb?
and 3:43..., 5:03 on - oh so sweet haromonies!! They sound so obvious and simpple, but only a truly great singer (Anne C hallmark) could make them work like this!! you may not agree but for this fan PERFECTION ! :)

+2 September 05 2015 18:06:19 PJEAnneCozean
Peter - it's obviously taken me a while to formulate a proper response. and i STILL can't thank you enough!! :) thank you!!!
August 17 2015 04:28:16
nuno1959nuno1959 Buzz, no buzz.. it's Goosebump City through & through Anne
Definitely stolen to my playlist.. ;)

+1 September 05 2015 18:05:18 nuno1959AnneCozean
steal away, Brother B! :) and thank you.
August 16 2015 20:24:10
texassontexasson Anne wonderful song! First thing that comes to mind is SUPERSTAR! Just perfect what Hurzel and you do.
+1 September 05 2015 18:04:57 texassonAnneCozean
thank you, Jared. i've been itching to do another with you - hope it happens!
August 16 2015 17:51:44
mulambomulambo beautiful song! perfect, Anne!
+0 September 05 2015 18:04:31 mulamboAnneCozean
big thanks, Luis! :)

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