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My sister in law bought a new house and she wanted to get rid of the barn that is in her garden, so I volunteerd to get that job done. It was a hard days work and my hands are hurting....

I thought the best way to heal is to use my hands again but than in a different way....

Here goes....

I started with some phaser-pad and joined it a bit later with rhythm-piano and a clav.
Than there is a second piano-part ...


cody tripp
I've been running across some really cool music today on WL that I have missed. I am a little scared that I have missed many many others. I just can't keep up anymore.
This is magnificent !!!
September 15 2015 00:07:23
cody tripp
Marceys I know what you mean Cody! It's just almostimpossible to hear al the great tracks! There are just to many! Cool that you were able to listen to this one! Thanks for your cool compliment! :) +1
mega cool template!+1
September 14 2015 23:47:17
Marceys Thanks! Cool to hear you onthis template! +0
gorgeous template :)+1
September 14 2015 23:46:28
Marceys Thanks OliVBee! I had fun with it cause of the balance between rhythm and softness.... +1
Wow this has turned into quite the track. Nice job,Marc! I admire your keys very much even if I dont always comment.You are a phenomenal player.I think more then anything its your versatility and arsenal of key sounds.+1
August 20 2015 16:43:40
Marceys Thanks for you kind compliment Relativity! The track evolved in some cool ways indeed! Most of the sound are comming out of my stage-piano. i only use my portable hammond for that kind of,sound.... Gonna get into the midi stuff to get more great sounds! +3
August 20 2015 18:04:11
Relativity I am by nature a bassist and guitarist, although huge fan of Nicky Hopkins.Regardless of your utilization of a limited amount of equipment, its the color you add to tracks that makes it appear to this untrained keyboard ear, that makes it even more amazing you squeeze that amount versatility out of one or two keyboards. As the saying goes here in the States: " you do it like a boss".later! +0
August 20 2015 18:25:28
Marceys Oef, Nicky Hopkins did some crazy stuff! Angie with the Stones is so cool! +0
August 20 2015 18:39:09
Relativity Check out "Time Waits For No One" The Stones. It's the most beautiful keys I've ever heard. +1
And again, the wizard on the keys... this is great, Marcey+1
August 20 2015 16:40:00
Marceys Hehe, thanks man! I use some wand to make these things! :) +1
August 20 2015 17:03:23
heliandros I hope you're keys don't hide a horcrux ;) +0
August 20 2015 17:33:38
Marceys Don't worry just a Trojan Horse inside....i made a script in my play and that gives me full control of all your bakaccounts! But I got loads of money myself so I will only look at the accounts! 😇 +1
August 20 2015 17:36:47
heliandros you know, a told secret isn't no longer a secret ;) +0
August 20 2015 17:38:46
Marceys Ssssttt, I'm only telling you man! +0
Thank you for the template, Marc! That little Clavinet was a driving force for me :)+1
August 20 2015 10:10:36
Marceys Thanks sfiks! Your trompet add is very very cool! +0
The funk-master is in da house! Good to hear you laying out such a fine track.+1
August 18 2015 09:20:09
Marceys Thanks Wade, I think it got some possibilities for others to join! +0
So good!!+1
August 18 2015 09:19:04
Marceys Thanks Molber! +0
Oh! because of my excitement to play over your track , i forgot to tell how excellent it is! Absolutely awesome marcey!+1
August 17 2015 18:48:19
Marceys Thanks kenny! You made it even better with your cool guitar! :) +1
Hi Marceys - oh man.... you are one real cool music maker - unique and fantastic!! :)+1
August 17 2015 18:44:57
Marceys That's cool to hear, thank you so much. glad you like it! +1

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