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A little pooped tonight..gonna call it quits after this..Salmon season is dawning..gonna give the river some time tomorrow and breathe some fesh air..Not expecting any fish yet..but ya can't catch em at home. If it's no good I'll be back here Monday(That is if I'm not too pooped to play tomorrow after I get home) :) Thanks to Tof and Mpointon for this one :)


August 18 2015 18:22:46
heliandrosheliandros so wonderful sensitive playing, fish

August 18 2015 08:15:24
WadeWade Hey mark, I understand the Coho are running up in Canadian waters. Will be in Victoria on Friday and having my first feed of wild salmon since 2010!

This sounds pretty darn good for a tired chap. Good going.

+1 August 19 2015 03:12:12 WadeFishinmissio
They(i think) should be coming inland..We hit it big yesterday on the Columbia..with 10 Chinook..Victoria is beautiful. I am bout 3 hours away by car. If you wanna try some chinnok fishing, I will bend things and get you out id you wanna head south. Lemme know. Sunday and Monday bare my day's off.
August 19 2015 04:07:38 WadeWade
What a kind invite! Sent back a PM. Cheers.
August 18 2015 05:14:41
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)

August 17 2015 22:47:43
ZamzamZamzam Oh My!

August 16 2015 13:38:24
bhunt1bhunt1 nice groove

August 16 2015 08:10:22
TofzegritTofzegrit A kitten lost in this dark environment but there is light and hope... Safety issue!
I like listen to you on any style Mark.

+1 August 18 2015 04:12:00 TofzegritFishinmissio
I don't know if I am a kitten..But I might believe I m lost in the
August 16 2015 07:05:25
cody trippcody tripp AWESOME

August 16 2015 06:41:40
GirardGirard Hey Mark great stuff, love the part leading up to 2:00 and then on, really cool !!!
+1 August 18 2015 04:12:25 GirardFishinmissio
Thanks Girard
August 16 2015 04:35:56
PsychoPsycho Great stuff... "can't catch 'em at home" Good one :)
+1 August 18 2015 04:12:40 PsychoFishinmissio
Thanks Psycho
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