Remember the Sea Breezes

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This was my chance for another add! Would play with cons and missed this fine add from PJE, till yesterday.
Have added lead guitar, till 1:20 , or so. And tuned down my guitar, use a bass amp simulator and play the hole song stuff this could be called a bass line-melody, with a lot of goodwill. Hope it find friends... :-)


August 22 2015 19:15:55
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super nice add:)
+1 August 24 2015 14:29:03 Lenny Cowlerfrankyguitar
Thanx Lenny, very nice feedback! But for me it were the best I would remove it , I don't like the beginning ...
August 18 2015 17:31:27
GuadañaGuadaña Great work franky!!! I really like the guitar solo in this one. You're getting better every day my friend.
+1 August 19 2015 09:24:12 Guadañafrankyguitar
Thank you very much David! Appreciate your comment my friend! :)
August 18 2015 05:23:18
GirardGirard 111 jams I see 11:11 and 111 everywhere
+1 August 18 2015 17:04:38 Girardfrankyguitar
LOL 111cool have'nt seen it! Thanks for reminding me my friend!! :D
August 18 2015 18:54:20 GirardGirard
Glad to be your friend. You are a good man Franky.. :)
August 18 2015 05:22:12
GirardGirard around 1:09, sweet guitar, and FAT BASS :)
+1 August 18 2015 06:49:28 Girardfrankyguitar
Thank you Girard, sometimes it it's nice in there. Fat Bass , cool but I think I'm not a Bass player , too much honor! But I thougt it would be nice to play along the whole nice song. And so I try this one... :)
August 18 2015 08:26:04 GirardGirard
Lol Vzoom
August 17 2015 23:45:17
PsychoPsycho This is wonderful franky !!
+1 August 18 2015 05:00:15 Psychofrankyguitar
Thank you very much Psycho! I'm a bit dissatisfied with the start, After listen it more Times. TG gave me the advice it to stay here! I'm very pleased you spend your time with it! :)
August 17 2015 22:17:39
TG_StratTG_Strat Cool bass simulator...sounds nice. Good Job Franky!
+1 August 17 2015 22:39:54 TG_Stratfrankyguitar
Thougt I give it try, with this Bass Emulator, LOL! Jetzt beim wiederholten mal hören, mit dem Einsatz der Lead bin ich total unzufrieden, die ersten paar Takte.... danach wirds etwas besser.... Äh, ärgerlich... Thanx TG :)
August 17 2015 22:43:16 TG_Stratfrankyguitar
Was meinst Du, soll ich es wieder runternehmen?
August 17 2015 22:46:34 TG_StratTG_Strat
Neee, so schlimm ist es ja auch wieder nicht. Töne sind nicht falsch, und auch die Gitarre nicht etwas "müde", aber...ich würde es lassen.
August 17 2015 23:08:17 TG_Stratfrankyguitar
Okay, Danke Dir! :)
August 17 2015 21:05:08
UloisiusUloisius very nice guitar franky ;o)
+1 August 17 2015 21:45:52 Uloisiusfrankyguitar
Dankeschön Uli, freut mich sehr! :D
August 17 2015 20:35:18
consmupaconsmupa ty for the add!Im so glad franky
+1 August 17 2015 21:39:51 consmupafrankyguitar
Thank you very much cons! It was me an honor to play this sweet thing together with your sax! I'm very pleased you like ist!
August 17 2015 20:12:53
DannyKDannyK Great add, franky!
+1 August 17 2015 20:22:07 DannyKfrankyguitar
Thank you Danny! I' m glad you like it, and you spend a little time with it! :)

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