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In this collaboration with Benjamin, I learned that when you take a little 10 month break from an unfinished tune, mayhem can happen! I got B's instrumental tracks mixed up and mistakenly posted one he didn't intend to be the final. Here's the track he DID intend me to sing to - unfortunately my rough vocal sketch makes me cringe. So now we have 2 versions of Everything Was You - one for him to cringe to, and one for me, cuz that's what partners do!!! :) This is the unfinished sketch he, Richard and I were working on Once Upon A Time, and the one Ben thought had the best instrumental feel. We thank you for your patience in this matter. :)


November 17 2015 17:54:40
scythscyth Beautiful
+0 November 17 2015 18:06:59 scythAnneCozean
thank you, scyth - appreciate your visit. :)
September 05 2015 19:01:16
AnneCozeanAnneCozean my humble thank yous to all who took the time to listen to both versions - Benjamin's compositions go straight to my heart, and i'm honored to be a part of this one. thank you all, and thank you, Ben!

September 01 2015 18:20:08
heliandrosheliandros Anne, your voice is so beautiful. This is a great tune

August 31 2015 00:37:52
jamladyjamlady what a voice ... what a song ... what a text!

August 26 2015 17:35:33
pauluspaulus so beautiful!!

August 22 2015 20:21:18
StefStef I agree completely with Wade!!
Emotions are first of technicalities! I feel your vocal intensity that is so great and gives a sense to the song with or without "buzz"

August 19 2015 12:08:52
MarianneMarianne No no...no apologies! This is an exceedingly beautiful rendition of perfect lyrics and interpretation of the musical track. Such a wondrous gift to be part of while listening to you, Ann and Ben! :)

August 19 2015 10:04:17
BassCookBassCook Wonderful, so many feelings with your expressive voice. Thank you, Anne :)

August 19 2015 01:04:31
allgirlallgirl you already know how i feel about your singing, Anne. great backing track also. actually it sounds a bit like one we're working on.

August 18 2015 20:21:02
pklieschpkliesch Love this so much, Anne. Reminds me of Annie Lennox somehow (hope you don't mind). :)


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