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I found this Wonderful song from BD, Danny & Peter this morning, I fell into this song right away...and thought I wanna give it a stab.

I got the phone call from one of my best friend who have some kind of personal problem in his marriage's life, so I just lay of his stories on this song, it's kind of good way to let out some of the heavy load sometimes... hope you all don't mind it...

Thank you for sharing ...
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Alice Ballad


:) A great ballad made even better by your excellent lyrics and always pitch-perfect singing.+2
August 18 2015 11:44:41
aleonz thank you Martin, I have to slow down from the exciting feeling after playing with marc and you hahahah Thank you +0
Fantastic song, Alice!+2
August 18 2015 12:53:08
aleonz Thank you so much Marc, means a lot coming from you :) +1
just wonderful!+2
August 18 2015 21:28:12
aleonz Thank you so much JL +0
August 19 2015 00:15:58
cschlote Indeed. Just wonderful. +0
Love it, beautiful ballad+1
August 18 2015 09:13:05
aleonz Thank you very much JM! +1
August 18 2015 09:13:27
aleonz very much Thank you Ben! +0
Very nice+1
August 18 2015 11:48:55
aleonz Thank you Lairdy! +0
Amazing that you can whip up lyrics and a melody then a full production so quickly. Means even more that is relevant to you and your friend. I hope you can share it with him.+1
August 18 2015 11:41:37
aleonz Thank you very much Wade, I did show him the song, and I feel so bad to make him cried in the middle of his work ( i should wait till he off from work), but after that he laugh out loud and told me that I have to give him a credit for taking his story as my inspiration :) +1
So beautiful Alice!!! You have an amazing voice. :)+1
August 18 2015 11:48:42
aleonz Thank you very much David! +1
You’re working tempo is extremely fast Alice, I wish I could write songs in the same dazzling tempo .another great song! Don’t know if it’s improper to make a remark, but I wish you you’d put your voice somewhat more in the mix on your tracks, it’s a bit in your 2 cents …hope you don’t mind..+1
August 18 2015 11:47:23
aleonz Thank you very much John, for the compliment and suggestion, I still learn about how to mix the vocal into the song, it's still far from good, I will take your suggestions if I post my next remix, thank you very much ... +1
I am so very very happy to discover this absolutely beautiful song this morning!!!
You have made this into such a great song - I am sure I can say for all of us we could not wish for more than you provided with these stunning vocals and lyrics, which bring such meaning to the track
Thank you so much Alice !!!! :)
August 18 2015 12:56:22
aleonz Peter, I feel in love with this song right at the moment I listen to your mix, it just get into my heart, so A BIG thanks to you.. +1
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