For beeing with you

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pkliesch92 jams Supporter
Remix step #2 (playing)


pkliesch92 jams Supporter
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(in Kinderenglish, as Anne would say )

My dream sets off
gets deep inside of you
I'm rarely awake
for beeing with you
I'll get closer
for beeing with you

Oh, it was the star of love
that I was looking for,
which hang in the heights so holy and so far

And stars are circling
but I don't see them
only see the damp pallor
on your face
I'll get closer
for beeing with you

With you


September 18 2015 16:40:37
PJEPJE I love this theme and melody - that you have produced such glorious music with and this variation is beautiful indeed :)
+1 September 18 2015 18:50:21 PJEpkliesch
Thank you so much, Peter!
September 05 2015 21:18:04
AKchenAKchen wundervoll !!!!!!!!!!!

August 27 2015 08:55:21
onewholeftonewholeft Have not heard a track of yours or your brothers I haven't loved and this is no exception to the rule ! Fabulous mate !
+1 August 27 2015 09:29:54 onewholeftpkliesch
Thank you so much, my friend! :)
August 21 2015 18:31:40
KellsBellsKellsBells Midoru said "Melodic Heaven". I have to agree. I have told you before, if you play it or sing it I will gladly listen. Beautiful song, Patrick! :)
+1 August 22 2015 15:03:41 KellsBellspkliesch
Thank you so much, Kelly! Hope you're fine (I can't do many loopings these days :) )
August 22 2015 16:45:45 KellsBellsKellsBells
Hoping that your inability to make loops is temporary and you are just busy!? You can't leave us!! ;)
August 19 2015 11:57:00
MarianneMarianne Ein Lied in Deutsch...BRAVO! Ja, du hast diese Stimme die tief in die Seele geht und mich dort festhaelt! So liebevolle Worte mit sehnsuechtigem Herz gesungen! Ein wunderschoenes Geschenk dir zuzuhoeren, Pat! :)
+0 August 19 2015 23:08:16 Mariannepkliesch
Vielen Dank für das wundervolle Kompliment liebe Marianne :)
August 19 2015 09:03:41
LieschingLiesching I always loved this comp of yours the most. Wonderful song, glad you performed this now the first time for the loopers. This is a real event to me! :)

August 19 2015 07:57:36
Pit BrettPit Brett wunderbar und berührend:)
sehr stimmiges Arrangement, Gesang.... :)

+1 August 19 2015 23:08:41 Pit Brettpkliesch
Vielen Dank lieber Pit :)
August 19 2015 05:36:35
SlonMusicSlonMusic Very nice and romantic song!
(still too short=)

+1 August 19 2015 23:09:25 SlonMusicpkliesch
:) Thank's again, Steve :)
August 19 2015 05:07:04
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good bro:)

August 18 2015 23:26:32
MidoruMidoru Listening to this over and over - melodic heaven. Outstanding in every way!
+0 August 19 2015 00:20:21 Midorupkliesch
Many thank's, Midoru! :)

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