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Wade358 jams Supporter
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Getting kind of busy for a sax add. Just wanted to be in here with the big kids. Great track from Acousticeg, garymcmill, Countryboy, and wonderful vocals from Balfo that drew me in. I know, I such thing as country saxophone.


September 26 2016 22:18:14
Hey maybe that was Bootsy Randolf! The Funk Country Saxophonist.
+1 November 08 2016 23:06:21 GemmyF GemmyF
You know, Humm, maybe!
September 26 2016 17:00:46
Boot Randolph?
+1 September 26 2016 21:52:14 GemmyF Wade
More like boot, scoot and boogie.
September 26 2016 21:56:48 GemmyF GemmyF
well in your description you said that there was no Sax Country players. This thing's not really country - don't know what it is. Your somber sax fit what-ever it is well though.
December 06 2015 12:18:29
It's also very fine Wade!! :)
+1 December 07 2015 18:38:03 frankyguitar Wade
Thanks Franky! It's an odd track to have a sax playing on.
October 21 2015 09:31:18
As always very cool sax Wade. I haven't heard you play anything that I didn't like.
+1 October 21 2015 09:50:17 Acousticeg Wade
I think that comment goes two ways. I obviously love jumping on your tracks. Man you inspire!
August 23 2015 14:52:29
Yes, that's fits just great Wade!
+1 September 17 2015 21:39:33 Balfo Wade
I just love your vocals on this and wanted to fit in and compliment what you were doing. Wish at times you were a bit more forward (louder).
August 23 2015 04:42:05
Goosebump City for sure !!
I loved the sopranino but.. next time ? You're logging this one with you.. :D !!

+1 September 17 2015 21:38:23 nuno1959 Wade
Ain't happening! You will have to find one there. OliVBee was able to find me a Tenor when I visited him. Maybe I can rent one?
September 18 2015 00:00:14 nuno1959 nuno1959
OK got it : i'll hold a bank up & buy you one !!
Jeez, these muso prima donnas… talk about a tough crowd !! :D
August 22 2015 23:51:29
You know exactly and instinctively how and when to play coloring the song in an way original and elegant. Really nice !
+1 September 17 2015 21:37:29 Stef Wade
Such a nice thing to say! I wish the vocals were a little more forward. This one has a unique feeling that I wanted to work with.
August 20 2015 04:21:55
The sax can add class to any song and any style. Sounds great!
+1 August 20 2015 07:37:57 Acousticeg Wade
Thanks Acousticeg. Glad you're OK with this add. Didn't need class...already plenty of that with your template.
August 20 2015 03:44:35
Awesome! A country sax what a unique sound.
+1 August 20 2015 07:36:27 garymcmill Wade
What's the term? Oxymoron?
August 20 2015 02:53:30
Hey..there's still room for one more. Funny how all this works..ya hear something..and then you are in. No country sax? Hmmph. :)

Great job Wade!

+1 August 20 2015 07:36:01 Fishinmissio Wade
Thanks Mark! Got to admit I've played more than a bit of country with Gerhard. Still always seems odd.

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