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I acquired this acoustic guitar very cheap, so what do you think? Was it worth buying?
Sorry for the very unclean playing - just wanted to put something up with the new lady... :)
She will be very happy if someone joins - she's so lonely right now... ;)


September 03 2015 00:41:50
mandoloddamandolodda schöööööööönn, will ich spielen am wochenende

August 23 2015 04:44:46
nuno1959nuno1959 Absolutely worth buying & it already paid for itself !!
Enjoy it when playing & i'll enjoy the music ;)

August 22 2015 10:50:29
LutzLutz You are a gentle man! :)

August 21 2015 16:40:40
MarceysMarceys That's a lovely lady you got there Hurzel! Pulling her strings so gentle gives a great atmosphere! 😉

August 20 2015 17:02:32
BabbazittBabbazitt Great!! Sounds Russian

August 20 2015 16:30:53
SlonMusicSlonMusic I see she is not so lonely for now, Benjamin? Two remixes already) Very nice sound and feel!

August 20 2015 13:55:05
heliandrosheliandros What a great guitar playing, Benjamin!
And concerning Marcs respectively Wades comment... I put me in the row ;)

August 20 2015 09:23:14
LieschingLiesching Wonderful, Benjamin. Well deserved comments and yes, it was worth buying. But I totally agree with wade :)

August 20 2015 08:58:32
TofzegritTofzegrit I really This kind of Waltz Sad side is a kind of Fado but some happy harmonies and the "slide" notes gives hope.
Well done Benjamin

August 20 2015 08:42:09
bleymehlbleymehl Wunderschönes Stück, habe ich mir vorgemerkt für nach dem Urlaub! Und die Gitarre hat was...


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