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Benjamin asked if I would be joining his new lady (guitar) in song...this is what came out. I hope you all like it. A beautiful guitar piece from Hurzel. Thank you for this piece of music Benjamin! :)


My first morning song on Thursday with coffee and sun... And you!
Beautiful harmonies added to a song coming from your soul.
Emotions again Honey 🎶;)
August 20 2015 09:01:50
KellsBells Merci Tof! Good morning to you...so glad to share your morning with you. :) Now, where is my coffee?? :p +1
August 20 2015 09:19:49
Tofzegrit Wait foe DHL guy 😊 +2
Excellent track. BUT if you wound back the hands of time you wouldn't have the experiences that enabled you to write or sing this. Then we would all have lost out!+2
August 20 2015 11:01:19
KellsBells I suppose you are correct. :) Thank you Davet! :) +0
August 20 2015 11:05:27
davet if you do find a way please let me know . I have a number of aches and pains i could do with avoiding :) +1
what an opening, Kells! did you use 2 voices for the opening line, or am i hearing effects? TURN BACK- ooooo! such a wonderful approach to Ben's beautiful music. i love the way you took your "time" with this.:)
it's a pleasure to listen to you 2 here. thank you for sharing your gorgeous treatment with us. last line so perfect - love it!
August 20 2015 20:05:58
KellsBells Two separate vocal tracks with a bit of reverb. :) You have such a great ear and you LISTEN to everything so thoroughly. Which is why I love your comments and it is an honor to have you listening and enjoying! Thank you Anne! :D +2
August 20 2015 20:07:37
AnneCozean oh now piffle, Kells - what else CAN i do when you sing, but listen, and listen deeply? thank YOU! :) +1
August 20 2015 20:09:18
KellsBells :) (Blushing) :) +1
Coffee, fresh croissant and a new one of KB. Life is wonderful! :) Dear Kell, love this new event of yours so much. 1:28 and 1:49 send me to heaven as well as 3:37 does! Superb! :)+1
August 20 2015 09:27:30
KellsBells If I can send you to heaven once out of the countless times you have sent me there with your sweet playing then I have a good start but a lot of catching up to do. :p :) So glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for your kind words, Marc. +3
I agree with Liesching the harmonies at 1.28 are magical.+1
August 20 2015 11:01:43
KellsBells Thank you! :) +0
What a beautiful and lovely song! It is kind of a sad song, but sure has a lot of hope in itself! Great! :)+1
August 20 2015 11:00:00
KellsBells It was a "Sad Waltz" ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) Your little spin with the new guitar turned out to be a gorgeous guitar track. :) +1
as plasmas reality in your lines and your voice crying time, something so precious, that without realizing just has us away from youth..Very good Kelly+1
August 20 2015 17:45:09
KellsBells Thank you Xavi for your kind words. We have to make the best of the time we have here. It goes by too fast! :) +1
What a lovely song coming through your gorgeous Kelly! love the lyrics, and your harmonies sounds so beautiful !+1
August 20 2015 17:40:29
KellsBells Alice that is a huge compliment coming from a great a singer as you. :) Thank you so much, dear! :) +0
Kelly, this is so wonderful and so truth!
For me is it not sad, more melancholy.
Sometimes it is hard, but from one point you have you arranged with the mirror, and that's also truth. Importend is only works the brain and works the buddy! I'm not a young guy, I Know it! Trust me! Well, psychology for beginners. :) :) wonderful song!!
August 20 2015 14:45:23
KellsBells Franky... I'm always happy to be a year older. Its another year I get to spend with my son and getting older certainly beats the alternative. ;) I am 36 but I still feel 22 in my head. They say you are only as old as you feel. :) +1
August 20 2015 15:29:47
frankyguitar That's true... :) :) , well spoken:D +1
it's amazing what you've taken out of the piece+1
August 20 2015 16:22:00
KellsBells Thank you, JL, I am about to head over to listen to your version! :) +0
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