Langgam Semesta - Ethnic Fusion

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Playing around with my midi keys, and feel to wrote this song, with some percussion, and gamelan (Indonesia music traditional instrument) sound, I know it's a bit crowded, but maybe there is some of you who like to jamming with the track. I put the lyrics in the chords box
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alice ethnic fusion


A summer track I didn't listen!!!
I want to travel to Indonesia, here is the appetizer:)
Thanks for sharing your "roots" angel Al'
Really Great Alice:)+0
perfect trip :)+0
Cooool, downloaded!! :)+1
October 18 2015 13:31:33
aleonz Thank you Capt! hope to hear your bass line on this track :) +0
Sensational sounds and flavours Alice, you are a really very special artist :)+1
October 18 2015 13:30:10
aleonz Thank you so much Peter! this make me smile :) +2
This is really amazing+1
October 18 2015 13:30:49
aleonz Thank you so much Jay! I'm listening to your awesome additions...coooll +0
October 18 2015 13:31:02
aleonz :) thank you Paul! +0
Surprising mix of instruments, sounds, ideas and a pushing rhythm. But...
... your lyrics, what you express, it's my credo! Love, comprehension, peace and understanding.
I don't hate those poor people, they don't kow what they do and never had the chance to learn it.
I am more and often sad that our species apparently won't get the cup in the evolution contest, even with that genius concept of self-awareness... I bet the insects will make the run after us ;)
August 22 2015 18:06:24
aleonz Thank you very much Andreas....
I agree with you, it's the sad feeling because we understand, and also I believe in music there is no such thing in music and art. They become like that because there is some people who take advantage from being successfully manipulating their mind, and make them follow anything blindly. but that just my 2 cents :)
August 23 2015 21:07:32
Lutz I have the same 2 cents, now it's already 4 cents :) +0
Great lyrics Alice!!! The most people are think so, I mean!! Why do the others to try to dominate???) I hate them!!!
You did here also a fine work of music with nice melody and cool rhythm :) :)
August 22 2015 17:56:48
aleonz Thank you so much Franky, music is one of the way i can speak out my mind...since i'm not that good of doing speech stuff :) +1
Great song with great lyrics here! Thank you Alice, i agree with you for the 100% - we all just brothers and sisters.. Too bad that the little band of the crazy fools persistently pulling this beautiful world into war..+1
August 22 2015 06:42:28
aleonz Thank you so much Steve!, sometimes it really sad to see that, but I believe theres still a lot of people who love peace more than war rite :) +1

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