Water Waltzing

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Such a beautiful track from Tof. Could not help but add a little acoustic.
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Chillout, Jazz, Acoustic


wunderbar! Das Ganze wie aus einem Guß!+2
August 22 2015 05:51:34
RobM Thank you so very much Jamlady ! :) +0
Awesome !!+1
August 22 2015 05:51:17
RobM Thank you Cody ! Mate, really glad you liked it :) +1
Yes Awsome is right ! And the tone of the bass in this it sounds like there is an accoustic bass in here as well ?+1
August 22 2015 05:52:21
RobM Thanks mate. As for the bass, it's part of Tof's keys, but I know what you mean :) +0
Beautiful guitar Rob! :)+1
August 22 2015 05:52:42
RobM Many thanks Kell :) +1
August 22 2015 05:52:56
Lenny Cowler
RobM Thank you Lenny !! :) +2
This is so beautiful Rob!+1
August 23 2015 05:22:24
RobM Thank you Alice :) +0
Absolutely beautiful from start to finish by Tof and you, Rob! BRAVO! :)+1
August 23 2015 05:22:39
RobM Thank you Marianne. So glad you liked it :) +0
Wow Rob... Goosebumps just after swimming
That's perfect and so sensitive as I expected from you Mon Ami
Merci ❤
August 23 2015 05:23:43
RobM Tof my friend, I am so glad you like it :) You template is just so fantastic, I was compelled to add :) +8
Great playing with superclear sound! :)+1
August 24 2015 00:22:24
RobM Thank you Marc :) +1
ooooo, Rob! it was sad before, and now another layer of sorrow - such beautiful sorrow. i love how clean your sound is. :35 - :38 heartbreaking! excellent placement - taking your time as the song dictates. 1:39 to 1:43 - sweet little twinkle there. ending was unbearably poignant. this is gonna be what i listen to when weeping is called for. beautiful job, brothers!+1
September 27 2015 01:32:23
RobM Thank you so very much Anne. I really appreciate that you take the time to so thoroughly listen to what's been played. It really is greatly appreciate and that you like it is an even bigger joy ! :) +0

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