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Using a new editor for the first time and the pace was challenging for the words from a poem I wrote several years ago. I tried :)


August 23 2015 13:06:33
Very nice song here Davnel. And the quality of voice is so full! Typical of some classic rock blues singer which i really love
+1 August 23 2015 15:38:23 kennyadry Davnel99
Thx Kenny - the timing was shaking trying to force lyric already written into this rhythm, but it got better in next take :)
August 22 2015 15:09:13
Good song Davnel, glad to hear from you again
+1 August 22 2015 15:38:04 ivax Davnel99
Thank U Ivax, and it is good to be back, now I gotta work smarter to turn this perfect rock palette into what it should sound like :)
August 22 2015 11:47:48
Great song Dave! All the other things are nice to have!! :)
+1 August 22 2015 15:36:56 frankyguitar Davnel99
Thank U Franky. I'm gonna make u my publicist, with your always positive flow :)
August 22 2015 16:00:43 frankyguitar frankyguitar
Get I a working contract? Have to ask my boss, LOL ! My stuff is not perfect and it is how it is. But I love to express myself with the music, I'm only a little guitar disciple but also it's true better is better, you know what I mean? First music comes from the heart, the second is technique with the fabulous sound and so....but I'm not a prof ! I like your voice and your singing. :)
August 22 2015 09:05:20
Way cool Davnel! Cool lyrics and I like your voice very much..... There are parts that have some small timing issues indeed. But that can be improved in another take! :)
+1 August 22 2015 15:36:04 Marceys Davnel99
yes I think so Marc thanks. can u and the boys drop by and we can rehearse this tune a few more times :)
August 22 2015 20:07:13 Marceys Marceys
That would be cool indeed! I'm off to the meeting in Urft in 2 weeks!
August 22 2015 20:21:10 Marceys Davnel99
yes I would love to attend, but a side trip to Germany isn't in my budget - maybe next year
August 22 2015 06:39:46
You wrote a very great lyrics Davnel, and you delivered in such a cool way, with a great emotion!
+1 August 22 2015 15:35:17 aleonz Davnel99
Thanks Alice - timing is out of wack for this fast paced rocker. 1 try ain't gonna cut it here on this super palette :)
August 22 2015 04:34:03
Nice song, Davnel99!
+1 August 22 2015 04:54:05 SlonMusic Davnel99
well thanks, but the nice part right now is your guitar work and Marc's keys. have to rework this with the timing - 1 take ain;t gonna cut it :)
August 22 2015 02:18:29
Mate this is a great song ! And yes I think you can do it better it sounds to like your not letting go on it feel it in your gut and let it out mate don't hold back ! Maybe drop the key one and shout it out a bit more this song could really rock ! Good job but I want to hear put it out there a bit more !
+1 August 22 2015 03:43:23 onewholeft Davnel99
well this is what happens when u try to do it in 1 take. like I said just need to work on the timing, then it will flow much better :)
August 22 2015 01:29:03
After listening - gonna have to do a redo and work on the timing :(


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