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Some tapdancing would be fine,whisteling too.. and a tuba or an upright bass would fit just fine....or anything else


June 17 2016 14:36:28
ALawrence1ALawrence1 There is some great music in the Wikiloops archives. Glad I found this! My applause Johnv.

October 21 2015 11:12:45
LieschingLiesching Finally discoverd via slavas keys add. Superb, Sir John! :)
+1 October 22 2015 10:46:11 Lieschingfanne
Glad you like it Mark!I should do another take with a different mike though
October 21 2015 09:35:12
MarceysMarceys Beautiful!
+1 October 22 2015 10:38:40 Marceysfanne
Thanks,glad you like it Marceys!
September 30 2015 17:21:55
sfikssfiks I'm glad I found this little gem. What a treat!
+1 October 22 2015 10:40:31 sfiksfanne
Thanks sfiks !
August 28 2015 09:07:03
pklieschpkliesch Another artful Piece, John! :)
+1 August 28 2015 19:18:31 pklieschfanne
Thanks Patrick!recording could be better though..
August 25 2015 08:20:39
aleonzaleonz an excellent track to listen in my hot sunny day, it's like an orange juice for the soul :) beautiful song John!
+1 August 25 2015 10:57:06 aleonzfanne
Thanks for your kind words aleonz,In absence of a juice, a mojito would also do nicely :)
August 23 2015 16:43:52
BalfoBalfo Wonderful!
+1 August 25 2015 10:51:33 Balfofanne
thanks Balfo!
August 23 2015 12:46:40
OliVBeeOliVBee Nice picking :)
+1 August 23 2015 13:17:35 OliVBeefanne
Thanks Oli!when and where are you givin' a masterclass in acoustic guitar recording...?:)
August 23 2015 10:42:40
NeronickNeronick Impressive indepency of thumb and fingers like two instruments. Very secure in timing and velocity
+1 August 23 2015 13:14:45 Neronickfanne
Thanks Neronick for this in-depth comment !, it was indeed a bit of a challenge, because I used my left hand thump to keep the bassline rolling, that wasn’t easy ‘cause my classic background, where the righthand thump is never used .If you listen carefully you’ll hear a mistake at 1.50 where the bass note should be a half step up. I would have liked if the bassline was more defined too…how I would like to take a look in OliVBee’s kitchen…he’s got that fabulous guitar sound I’m looking for…the only thing he reveals is that he uses an Audio Technica to record…..
August 24 2015 13:18:48 NeronickNeronick
I like your style. Music is emotion, I guess this is the reason that great musicians sound different and you can tell who is playing...
August 23 2015 09:05:16
titititi Super chords! I like this so well told story!
+1 August 23 2015 12:54:24 titifanne
yeah,there is Always a story behind my songs,they say I play guitar but in fact I'm a story teller :)
August 23 2015 13:41:44 titititi
I believe that I had guessed...
Rest just to find a good narrator:)

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