Un, Dos, Tres! Let's Party !

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I found Martin's AWESOME track this afternoon, when I'm about to leave the house, this one really mind blowing track, It played in my head over and over, I have a great party here while recording my vocals, hope some of you wanna join this party!


February 22 2016 00:09:17
two words "waouw " and " waouw"
+1 February 22 2016 04:23:01 c-bass aleonz
Thank you so much C!
February 22 2016 18:49:58 c-bass c-bass
I will try to make a bassline on your very nice track ( Mpointon and Aleonz) but I need to learn " the basics of latin music for bassguitar", but your " loop " is a very pleasant to play, very useful to train and learn; thanks to you.
October 07 2015 06:40:05
I know I've already commented but thank you for bringing this template to life. I so enjoy this track - it's my memories, what I learned as an up-and-coming musician at the Musician's Institute. Lessons spent playing the clave, learning the cascara, the tumbao and loving the feel and wishing it was in my blood.

I just recorded this based on what I loved and you brought it life. Thank you.

+1 October 09 2015 13:38:25 mpointon aleonz
Thank you so much Martin for sharing this. when I was the first time listening this track, this really brought such a great moment in my life when I was still a dancer, we used this big joyful latin songs a lot of times, I play this drums track over and over in my hall and just do my routine dance like i used to...feel the earth and reach the melody to sang! it was a joyful time to play with this drums... this track contained all the great feel in you when you play it, and it's really contagious
September 11 2015 16:44:40
This is already perfect. Great musical concept!!!
+1 October 09 2015 13:27:40 Neronick aleonz
Thank you Nero!
September 06 2015 20:34:14
vous êtes vraiment formidable
+1 October 09 2015 13:27:25 wikibeb aleonz
Thank you :)
August 31 2015 09:28:32
You extend my summer vacation feeling wih this stunning piece! Thank you Alice! :)
+1 August 31 2015 13:51:00 Liesching aleonz
Thank you Marc! how's the sun? here we have summer everyday LOL
August 31 2015 20:32:20 Liesching Liesching
Sun's great but way too hotty! :) ☀️☀️☀️
August 30 2015 15:36:16
perfect, wonderful, funny, outstanding, simply great
+1 August 30 2015 19:25:59 heliandros aleonz
hi Andreas! thank you very much for listening, happy you like it :)
August 29 2015 09:44:53
+1 August 30 2015 19:25:16 jmrukkers aleonz
Thank you JM!
August 28 2015 02:18:36
very nice vocals ! very fun :)
+1 August 30 2015 19:25:04 OliVBee aleonz
Thank you Oli!
August 26 2015 17:39:08
so good
+1 August 26 2015 18:27:38 paulus aleonz
Hi Paulus! Thank you for stopping by!
August 26 2015 00:27:25
This really is insanely good.
+1 August 26 2015 06:42:45 WanHu aleonz
Thank you so much Wanhu!

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