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In a cave, not a church!
Here is a story:

Some years ago one of forum members by name Tom posted
a record of his solo trombone improvisation in a church.
He would play a phrase, listen to the loud returning echo
and construct a new phrase creating fantastic sound combinations.
It sounded like a duo or sometimes even a trio.
I liked the idea and that music very much.

Year later there was a forum thread dedicated to Tom.
In my sincere desire to say pleasant thing about his performance
I responded saying that he is very good -
"I once heard him playing with himself in a church..."

Tom's reply was "I don't dare make a comment about that one!
What an interesting combination of images..."

"One should exercise great caution and restraint when playing with one's self in church.
If heard, one could be discovered" - was reply of another member.


August 26 2015 10:21:56
SlonMusicSlonMusic So nice!!
+1 August 26 2015 15:11:06 SlonMusicsfiks
I'm very glad you like it.
I still hope somebody finds the template useful :)
August 24 2015 17:14:29
LutzLutz wonderful music - generous creativity. High class!
+1 August 24 2015 19:14:34 Lutzsfiks
Thank you for finding time to listen and comment!
August 24 2015 16:49:35
aleonzaleonz A very beautiful music with such a great story! excellent Slava!
+1 August 24 2015 19:12:23 aleonzsfiks
Thank you for your support, dear Alice. It means a lot to me!
August 24 2015 11:05:54
LieschingLiesching Wonderful slava!
+0 August 24 2015 15:07:38 Lieschingsfiks
Thank you Marc!
August 24 2015 00:22:46
RelativityRelativity Thumbs up for the story. The music is epic bonus.-j/k.
+0 August 24 2015 00:44:49 Relativitysfiks
I kinda hoped a reverse order :)
Thank you anyway!
August 24 2015 01:06:28 RelativityRelativity
Of Course! Only joking!

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