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this is a remake of one of our recent numbers. in the original song, the drums were a bit out of sinc so i decided that since i was redoing it, i would add one of marianne's lyrics to make it more interesting. we hope you enjoy it.


Good stuff guys :)+1
August 26 2015 11:19:06
Marianne Oh, that is a most kind response, Psycho, from such an accomplished musician like yourself! :) +1
Very good work! :)+1
August 26 2015 11:17:39
Marianne Thank you so much for your encouraging response, Marc; a great encouragement to us! :) +1
Was für ein cooles Stück, die Musik ist krass, im positiven Sinn und die gesprochenen Worte von Marianne geben dem ganze Stück den das gewisse "etwas" ;o)+1
August 26 2015 11:16:03
Marianne Oh, danke schoen fuer deine lieben Worte, so ein tolles Lob von dir, Uli! Es ist uns eine Freude dass du so viel Spass am Zuhoeren hast! :) +0
I want the lyrics of the songs she sings with that voice insensible.
August 26 2015 11:13:42
Marianne So you enjoyed your listen then, josepssv?! :)
Here are the lyrics just for you!

Somewhere someplace
I shall find my true love
rest my aching heart
in the center of your
filling me with beauty
as you transform me
into joy and peace that
surpasses understanding
life with all its ups and
downs calls for love
of a different kind
leaving pride and scorn
humbly accepting the
course of my life
the things I cannot change
the things that make me
strong and bold
Somewhere someplace
I shall find my true love
shall finish the race by
your side
you and I united, turning
around the tide
of loneliness and hate
melting into each other
turning the universe
inside out without a sound.
August 26 2015 11:25:47
josepssv Thank you Marianne!!
I reading slowly
you uniqueness make you both special, you create a picture for the words through the music and words, and so it can visualize the picture in our imagination, a great interesting concept you both create !+1
August 26 2015 11:11:40
Marianne Thank you so very much for your kind and generous response, aleonz! So pleased you enjoyed your time listening to allgirl! A great encouragement to us to keep going! :) +0
Very cool Ladies. Great drama in the music and mesmerised by Marianne's unique style :)+1
August 26 2015 11:09:22
Marianne Oh my, you are too kind, Rob! Thank you ever so much for stopping in! :) +0
cody tripp
One of my favs of yours. AWESOME+1
August 26 2015 11:07:37
cody tripp
Marianne WOW....thrilled to hear that, Tom. Thank you so much! :) +1
Lenny Cowler
August 26 2015 11:06:33
Lenny Cowler
Marianne Thank you so very much, Lenny! :) +1

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