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Alright,..So this is my first vocals (And probably my last, singing is not my cup of tea)

The lyrics is inspired by my girlfriend's story "the identity" (She likes writing a lot although she doesn't want to call herself a writer, so ironic right? Peace aken ko :))

Inspired by Danny's solid bass playing and Martin's fabulous drumming as usual, so this is it,..I also decided to leave space for some solo, so bring it on guys!


August 22 2016 20:56:18
MarceysMarceys Hey Kenny! Totally missd your vocaltrack here! Shame on me! Great singing man and compliments for the lyricscomposer! :) do it again man! And where are you?
+1 August 23 2016 17:10:55 Marceyskennyadry
Hi Marcey! Thanks a lot man :) My laptop is broken, so I couldn't do any recording at the moment and it depresses me. I am planning to get it fixed but I am also thinking of buying a new one. Anyways, I will be back soon,.hopefully.
August 23 2016 17:49:15 MarceysMarceys
Too bad to hear that! Shall we arrange a Wikiloops action, "help Kenny get a new computer"!? :)
August 22 2016 15:39:45
cschlotecschlote Really cool.

August 22 2016 04:42:35
Danalyze45Danalyze45 THIS is the most awesome and inspiring thing I have probably heard in a LONG time. Wow. What an awesome track guys!

August 22 2016 04:34:51
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome:)

August 22 2016 01:08:21
AKchenAKchen super :)

November 13 2015 01:35:39
JeebsieJeebsie Dude!! Keep Singing!

October 28 2015 18:28:08
pklieschpkliesch So very rockin' good, Kenny!!!
+1 October 28 2015 18:50:14 pklieschkennyadry
Thank you very much PK! Glad you like it!
September 01 2015 00:24:46
ivaxivax great Kenny
+2 September 01 2015 02:56:18 ivaxkennyadry
Thanks ivax!!!
August 31 2015 16:53:28
KellsBellsKellsBells Making this song your last vocal contribution would be a mistake. This ROCKS man! Great job!
+1 August 31 2015 18:30:16 KellsBellskennyadry
Making lyrics takes much time for me. Unlike creating tunes, finding the right words is as complicated as catching a rat!
August 25 2015 22:34:52
nuno1959nuno1959 AHH !! & he sings as well !?
At least as well as he plays guitar !! ;) ;)
Love it Kenny, very cool tune..

+2 August 26 2015 05:16:36 nuno1959kennyadry
Thank you so much Nuno! :)
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