A Witch In Disguise

Remix step #3 (playing)
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Thanks to KellsBells for encouraging me to sing again. I'm not comfortable in doing so but she reminded me that we're all amongst freinds here.


August 28 2015 21:38:02
nuno1959nuno1959 Cool add Peter !!

August 28 2015 19:48:29
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wow:)

August 28 2015 13:46:13
HaffastHaffast And here I was, JUST saying what limitless talent you seem to have...

And NOW you can sing TOO? What the Heck?

Great vocals, great lyrics, and I LOVE that main guitar lick!


August 28 2015 11:47:13
BassterBasster Mr. Peter Veillon - you are an awesome one-man-band!
Realy cool!! ;)

August 28 2015 08:44:01
aleonzaleonz I always find the magic when I hear the musician, or songwriter sing their own song, cos I believe they are the one who know the song very well and how they want to rise their own baby. And you're doing a very fantastic job on this, thank you for Kelly to encouraged you to sing ! you've got it Peter! well done!

August 28 2015 02:10:04
KellsBellsKellsBells Peter! So proud of you for this! :D :)I was nervous about singing too. I had never sang for people before joining Wikiloops in May. It takes guts and of course anyone feels vulnerable and a bit exposed putting things out there that they aren't comfortable with. It's all part of personal growth! I think the track was great! All of them, the drums...the guitar and your vocals! They are well timed and on key and melodic and then comes 1:57 and then you kick it in to high gear and then I hear lots of attitude. ;) I think you did a great job, man. :) Keep it up and you will keep developing your skill. How else do we learn and develop without experimenting? You are already musically talented. ;) You got this, Peter and your Wiki-family (as Loopy as they are) :p supports you!
+2 August 28 2015 02:11:21 KellsBellsKellsBells
Oh yeah...and the lyrics are super cool too. Nice writing! :)
August 28 2015 02:34:30 KellsBellsPeterVeillon
Thanks Kelly. Maybe someday I'll get the courage to try some backup vocals for you.
August 28 2015 02:39:21 KellsBellsKellsBells
I'd love that! :) Don't wait for the courage though, take that courage and make it your beeeotch. ;) Oh and if I could make a suggestion that was made to me, don't forget to upload your solo vocal track for the mixers here. :) They have done some amazing stuff with my vocals that I would never have dreamed of.
August 28 2015 00:48:28
mandoloddamandolodda good idea from KellsBells

August 27 2015 22:23:39
cody trippcody tripp COOL

August 27 2015 22:09:50
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Try it again Peter, well done! Wikiloops is made for try new things, Rock on!! :)

August 27 2015 21:47:32
RelativityRelativity Thanks for putting this up!

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