You're Dying On The Inside

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Friendships are not always what they appear to be... especially when one is jealous.. although he said he is not.. such a shame to find out everything you thought was real has become a lie.

Thank you guys for giving me this bed of music.

"You're Dying On The Inside"
written by Moor Noki (D. Gvoritzc)

You say you’re not jealous
Yet all you tell are lies
you say that you are free
Yet prison is your middle name
You say that you love me
and that i’m your best friend
But what’s a friend
when you can’t speak your mind

people like to be with me
Cause i’m likeable and I am free
And whenever they come to me
You say it’s okay but you’re dying on the inside

Don’t say you’re not jaelous
Obviously you are
You whish for me the best
and when I get it, you put me down
Talk dirt behind my back
But smile in my face
This is not what I want for us
Love is not a rac


September 16 2016 01:24:55
MoorMoor sorry for the confusion and late responds, I have no access to this account no more and can't comment as Djev) And with the new name/account I forgot about this one.. and it's comments/mixes.. sorry

June 18 2016 18:12:05
GemmyFGemmyF !

June 07 2016 03:27:06
francisco alfrancisco al legal bom

September 06 2015 01:45:19
WanHuWanHu Sounds like a lost Magnetic Fields track :) Great singing and lyrics once again.

September 04 2015 17:42:08
DjevDjev Thank you all. Most credits must go to Rob, Jamlady and Scrawfrd for pulling it out of me. The song crossed my path at the right moment. I'm thankful.

August 31 2015 11:35:22
DickDick cant remember coming across any track of yours that i didnt like so far... you just got that voice man... goosebump alert!

August 28 2015 20:59:19
elmore59elmore59 It's my laptop who says enough. Not me!!

August 28 2015 20:21:31
ROBJOLROBJOL Surprising but really cool. Interesting to see that a song can have so many different colours.

August 28 2015 18:59:23
LieschingLiesching Welcome back, Djev! Great song. Love it!

August 28 2015 18:41:11
OliVBeeOliVBee nice to hear you again :) cool song !


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