Dreamer (feat. Martina)

Remix step #5 (playing)


Relativity315 jams Supporter
+ 9
You can say Mish is a dreamer...but she's not the only one.....
Martina is awesome. What a lovely heart and soul. I am glad we are friends.
Please give it up for Mish. Check out her keyboards.
Thank You Rob and Mr Adams for the wonderful track.

(I Am A Dreamer)
I am a dreamer
my mind is always dreaming
I dream to hope
and to hope is to belive
I may be a dreamer
but nothing begins
without first a dream
I am a dreamer
a silent dreamer
I am the one who wants
to talk to you
I am the one who wants
to hold you
all night long
I am a dreamer

I like to dream
it helps to forget
about the cold cold world
my mind escapes
I dream of you
Yes I dream of love
I dream of our life together


September 15 2015 09:14:29
RobMRobM What an awesome bass line !!!
Sorry Relativity, I only just found this remix but very glad I did :) :)

August 30 2015 21:23:15
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler ssuper bass bro:)

August 29 2015 11:34:12
MishteriaMishteria Wow soooo glad you add bass on this song:) many thanks !!!

August 29 2015 07:18:56
GirardGirard Very nice!

August 29 2015 06:33:40
onewholeftonewholeft She might be a dreamer but she must have good dreams to dream up all these songs ! Good add

August 29 2015 06:07:38
cody trippcody tripp I agree Martina is awesome. She blew this right out of the water with her killer vocals. And your bass is fantastic. What a lineup. Playlisted
+1 August 29 2015 06:36:17 cody trippRelativity
Martina breathes music.Thanks my friend.
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