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This has been sat on my machine for a while now. I originally wanted to re-do it but I'm just not going to get time so after a bit of judicious editing, I managed to get this take to work and I had a bit of time this morning to mix it together.

It's busy, it's a bit messy but hell, why not? I've just listened to Jazzy's add and the approaches are remarkably similar (except his is a significantly tighter performance and far less random!).

Anyway, just went a bit nuts, I'm afraid.


HD drums have no reverb.


September 01 2015 04:18:46
nuno1959nuno1959 One of my killer bass players here + one of my killer keys player AND one of my killer drummers !?
What's to not like about it, fan-bloody-tastic

+1 September 01 2015 04:58:58 nuno1959mpointon
Thanks, Nuno. Can I stop blushing yet?
September 01 2015 17:29:17 nuno1959nuno1959
Nope !!….. :D
August 30 2015 22:22:10
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)

August 30 2015 13:43:21
JazzyJazzy ... hello mpointon there pleases me when a drummer drumming this heavy piece of music. Your work is very much like my drumming. Technically your game is very good, however, you lose the connection in the middle part in the music. This part is very quiet for me, I think. See you soon.
+1 August 31 2015 11:53:56 Jazzympointon
Thank you, Jazzy, for your correct and honest feedback. I totally agree with you about the section being too heavily played for the backing.

It was the main reason I wanted to go back and do it again.
August 29 2015 23:56:17
wiseshankswiseshanks Fantastic!

August 29 2015 19:34:40
aleonzaleonz absolutely an excellent drums, it's sit perfectly with Alex wonderful bass line, and Marcy beautiful keys!

August 29 2015 18:25:28
mulambomulambo the drums are perfect!

August 29 2015 15:47:47
Davnel99Davnel99 Great work Martin, filled the thoughts of Alex and Marc very well. Cool jazz by the 3 of you. :)

August 29 2015 15:28:58
bendersonbenderson Hey Martin great drum beats and nice song Alex and Marceys!

August 29 2015 14:52:13
TofzegritTofzegrit I like when you are busy like this

August 29 2015 13:23:07
MarceysMarceys Real cool Martin! Was kind a hoping you would add something to it! I like the busy drumming and than on the bass-solo relaxed and building up again.... Enjoyed it very much! Big smiles here! :)

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