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What an AMAZING template Cody made! I could make ten different tracks based off this, easily! This is the IDEAL backing track for my tastes. So much tension, so much emotion....

Then, I added my part. ;)


September 03 2015 01:55:43
nuno1959nuno1959 Plain beautiful & SO cool H, love it !! ;)
+1 September 03 2015 02:26:33 nuno1959Haffast
Thanks Nuno! Much appreciated! :)
August 31 2015 19:31:00
rtkradlertkradle Mesmerizing and Hyptnotic... Nice art!!
+1 August 31 2015 19:41:19 rtkradleHaffast
Thanks a lot man! I REALLY appreciate that! Should I expect an addition at some point.... ;)
August 31 2015 20:53:55 rtkradlertkradle
That is highly likely.. Just gotta make sure it does the song justice. As well as an empty house. Dogs are allowed barely... They even look at me funny when I Lay tracks.. lol
August 31 2015 21:31:11 rtkradleHaffast
Ha ha! Over the years, my dog has gotten to the point where he chimes and sits right in front of my amp when I play. It's crazy, but I get where you're coming from. Wasn't that way in the past... Guess I got better? ;)

Look forward to hearing it!
August 30 2015 06:24:36
rockdevilrockdevil nice volume swells,nice clean and distortion tone and really fine play.damn, i love it buddy :)
+1 August 30 2015 06:32:10 rockdevilHaffast
Thanks a ton! I won't take full credit for the swells (volume pedal), but I appreciate the other compliments for sure!

I don't have the technical precision that I wish I'd practiced hard enough to get, but I'll keep doing it Half-assed until then! Rock on! :)
August 30 2015 02:54:25
PsychoPsycho This is great stuff Haff !!
+1 August 30 2015 03:04:21 PsychoHaffast
Thanks Psycho! Same old song and dance, but I love this song and dance...
August 30 2015 01:24:58
onewholeftonewholeft Wow Wow Wow great stuff ! I would like to hear it with a touch more volume in the mix not enough to overpower the rest but just a tad more especially in the last solo
+1 August 30 2015 01:45:27 onewholeftHaffast
Thank you, Lairdy! I went back and forth on the volume - ESPECIALLY near the end. I hear so many people mix these where you can still hear everything, so I have been trying MUCH harder not to drown out the artist before me. Sometimes I try TOO hard though.

I agree with you and I'm glad it's NOT just because of my ego wanting my part to be louder (it usually is though) ;)
August 30 2015 01:55:20 onewholeftonewholeft
Mate someone as good as you needs to take the lead and be out front ! You don't hear Garry Moore or Steve Vie sitting in the background
August 30 2015 02:20:14 onewholeftHaffast
Wow! That's actually a bigger compliment than I'm comfortable with. But, I REALLY appreciate what you're getting at. I do hate the idea of not being able to hear the rhythm parts and fantastic contributions of others though.

But thanks again for the vote of confidence!
August 30 2015 00:55:12
RobMRobM Killer Haf !!! Love the build up on this one, sounds fantastic mate !!
+1 August 30 2015 01:42:15 RobMHaffast
Thanks Rob! I was trying to actually play WITH the melody instead of just playing OVER it... Ha Ha!

It's a big change for me. ;)
August 30 2015 01:42:58 RobMRobM
Very nice work mate, definitely nailed it !!
August 30 2015 02:20:44 RobMHaffast
Thank you! :)
August 30 2015 00:01:20
KellsBellsKellsBells My first thought is AMAZING! My second thought is to congratulate you on slowing down at the beginning, (I know it is hard for your speedy fingers). You chose a great melody AND executed it with soul and emotion. my third thought is you should go ahead and make 9 more based off this. You said you could make 10. ;) Great job H. :)
+1 August 30 2015 00:40:11 KellsBellsHaffast
Thanks Kelly! If I make 9 more, I don't know if any will be any better than this one though. I might try again all the same... Thanks for noticing the deliberate pacing! Lol :)
August 30 2015 00:46:14 KellsBellsKellsBells
I'm not saying you need to top this one....just make nine more. :D This was great!
August 30 2015 02:23:45 KellsBellsHaffast
Aww... Thanks Kells! I just might have to.

I was having problems with my recording software, so I made about a dozen improv versions before I ever was able to record anything.
August 29 2015 23:57:03
cody trippcody tripp AWESOME !!! Love it !!
+1 August 29 2015 23:59:34 cody trippHaffast
Thank you sir! I didn't spend very much time on it, but it was the therapy I needed today. Ha!

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