Devastation (Remastered)

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cody tripp1310 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)
United States


Haffast149 jams Supporter
+ 10
This is my favorite track in a long time!

I got some new VST plugins for editing software and wanted to try them out. I might be about the only one who can tell the difference (aside from it simply being compressed and is louder), but this is a completely different set of tools used to "clean up" and clarify the tracks. I thinks it sounds less "muddy" than the original and has a lot more "pop" to it. Also, I think it makes Cody's track sound a little more dynamic...

I'm still considering using Cody's template for multiple takes on this. Love it!


September 12 2015 14:40:51
Yes my friend now the guitar sits right where it should be and nothing has been lost ! Great job mate !
+1 September 12 2015 15:25:34 onewholeft onewholeft
Yes I'm hoping to do some more of those but the take a lot of time with so many instruments to add one at a time
September 12 2015 15:05:22 onewholeft Haffast
Ha ha! Awesome! Thank you very much! I think this one turned out very well.

I keep going back and forth on the one I did with you.

I like that it was done I one take, and was very raw, but I wish I had tried more takes to fix / remove a few rough spots.

This track and your track have that symphony, instrumental feel that I LOVE so much!
September 12 2015 15:59:00 onewholeft Haffast
Oh, I bet they take forever! I have an ok drum program, but I don't use it often because I don't speak "drummer". I'd love to make my own classical tracks, but I can't get my keyboard and my computer to talk to each other despite hours and hours of trying. :)
September 05 2015 06:39:02
I need to study under you I swear. The new vst is sounding amazing.
+3 September 05 2015 07:02:01 PeterVeillon Haffast
It sounds SO MUCH cleaner! I have the same pedal as Dan, but I think (I think) he mics his, where I run it into a FireWire. So is a little digital and slightly over saturated. Looking for a vst that can soften it a bit. These are already working better.

Thanks a ton for the compliments Pete! Very much appreciated!
September 01 2015 01:52:33
Sounds Awesome Haff ... !!
+1 September 01 2015 02:28:59 RobM Haffast
Thanks a ton Rob! I'm glad you liked it! Cody is what made this sound so good! :)
September 01 2015 01:21:25
cody trippcody tripp
Holy Freakin' Cow. Let me reiterate...HOLY FREAKIN' COW !!!

+1 September 01 2015 02:28:08 cody tripp Haffast
Man, I'm happy when I get a "killer" from you. I don't even know how to process "holy freaking cow"! Haha! :)

Thanks Cody. This might be the greatest backing track I've found yet for the kind of music I like to play and listen to. Perfection!
August 31 2015 23:19:29
I'd need to go listen to the other, but this sounds really good :)
+1 August 31 2015 23:48:29 Psycho Haffast
Thanks a lot psycho! It "pops" more. As I listen to it, there are STILL some tweaks I'd like to make, but this will do... ;)
August 31 2015 20:57:32
Thunderous in Beats Headphones...! :) Nice Remix.
+1 August 31 2015 21:29:03 rtkradle Haffast
That's AWESOME to hear! Sweet! I'm about to run some errands and hear the remix in the car!
August 31 2015 19:40:51
WOOOOW, what a nice and good guitar! I can hear that you love this track a lot:) very fine playing with a fitting tone, super! :)
+2 August 31 2015 20:55:08 adu Haffast
Thank you so much! I haven't been recording as often lately, partly because I feel like I've already done almost everything I know to do. It feels good to make something that feels fresh. Even if it is the same notes and guitar phrases that I use in everything else. ;)
August 31 2015 19:01:54
Sounds great! Playing and audio!
+1 August 31 2015 19:03:49 Relativity Haffast
Thank you very much!This one is probably in my top 3 favorites! I am glad you enjoyed it too! :)

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