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Kelly's beautiful voice has simply to be in there...


September 03 2015 19:50:32
titititi Lots of sensibility and of restraint... it is beautiful :)
One day we are going to cross it is on ;)

September 03 2015 17:59:04
pklieschpkliesch Der Andi!!!!! Hast wieder mal was gezaubert, mein Lieber :)

September 03 2015 17:40:36
cody trippcody tripp SUPER !!

September 03 2015 16:38:49
PJEPJE Hi Andreas - missed your music while I was away this is beautiful addition to such a track from magic hurzel and the unique wonderful Kelly :)

September 03 2015 16:03:31
KellsBellsKellsBells Beautiful strings added to this. You have such a sweet tone and soft playing! :)

September 03 2015 13:22:02
aleonzaleonz you really know so well how to sweetly embrace the track Andreas!

September 03 2015 07:16:36
MarianneMarianne Such a wondrous song with Kelly singing her lyrics in her unique style. A beautiful melody all round. :)

September 03 2015 05:58:57
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)

September 03 2015 00:17:25
hurzelhurzel It's beautiful, but I suspect you misplaced her vocal track a little. Sounds like one fourth too late to me. Correct me if I'm wrong.
+1 September 03 2015 15:00:47 hurzelheliandros
I didn't changed anything on your both tracks... and I took Kellys complete mixed single track in mp3. But you're right: about 2:00 the choir shows a misplacement... only to solve if I would have all the single voice tracks separated.
You have good ears, my friend :)
September 03 2015 16:22:02 hurzelhurzel
They actually are available, if you check the download options on Kellys track. ;)
See you tomorrow in Urft?
September 03 2015 19:31:51 hurzelheliandros
hm, ich denk, das ist rum um's Eck, oder denkst du nicht, Ben?
September 02 2015 22:33:17
allgirlallgirl very kool, everybody.

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