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Having been away to Ireland with no web or loops (my lifeline) access for a while and at a questioning point in my life - what totally emotional music to come back to! I was so completely moved by this oustanding song from Alice and Patrick I just had to add - there is already a very fine drum add by jamlady :) so I really hope you don't mind my take on this one as well. I thank you greatly ...


I just love that snare sound of yours. Sooo glad you are back! Such a great touch to Alice and Pat's (and now your) wonderful song. :) Lovely emotional playing and that roll at 3:08! Awesome, Peter!+2
September 03 2015 16:12:23
PJE Hey Kelly thank you you really are so kind to say and make me very happy indeed:) - with such wonderful friends to miss, I wont ever want to go away again:) +1
September 03 2015 16:13:58
KellsBells We don't want you to ever go away again soooo....don't? :p +1
Calmed cardiac pulsations:)+1
September 03 2015 15:34:19
PJE Hi titi and thank you so much - your compliment is pure poetry my friend! :) +1
September 03 2015 17:01:09
titi :) +1
Welcome back Peter! You are in great shape! Sensitivity and emotion in your drumming! :)+1
September 03 2015 15:45:40
PJE Hi Stef and so great to hear from you my friend thank you:) and it is so good to be back and so much fine music to catch up with - lets hope we jam very soon :) +1
He's bacccckkkkkk.....We missed your phenomenal drumming, Peter. But sounds like you are all refreshed and ready.+1
September 03 2015 17:30:13
PJE Yeah and cant wait to hook up again Joe my friend:) +0
Hey Peter, welcome back my friend! :D
Your drums are good as ever and you added with heart and mind!! Really nice the whole Song !! :)
September 03 2015 17:32:20
PJE Hey franky thank you - I really missed you my friend :) its so good to be back and I am looking forward to catching up with your music and jamming again soon :) +1
September 03 2015 17:35:22
frankyguitar We have a huge mountain of work, LOL, glad you back :) +1
September 03 2015 17:37:45
PJE so good to hear from you and I will start climbing that mountain right now my friend :) +1
Very nice and restrained drummin' Peter!+1
September 03 2015 17:50:34
PJE Hi Balfo thank you and thats very kind of you to say _ I missed your music and all my friends here - very much while I was away and now have lots to catchup :) +0
Cool drums, Peter. Thank you for joining! And welcome back! Glad you're with us again :)+1
September 03 2015 17:54:53
PJE Thank YOU PK its always my pleasure to join your songs and so glad to be back among my fine friends again ) +2
wonderful emotional expression on your drums to this lovely piece, Peter. Welcome back!+1
September 03 2015 19:39:15
PJE Hi Andreas so good to hear from you - thank you - I am very pleased to be in touch again also my friend :) +0
very nice pje :)+1
September 03 2015 20:08:43
PJE You are very kind to say so abu thank you my friend :) +1
so happy to have you back Peter!, this is so great, full emotion, but sensitive sweet...I love this Peter, thank you so much+1
September 03 2015 20:32:06
PJE Hi Alice - I thank YOU and truly missed your beautiful songs and friendship very much - I am so happy and honored to be joining in on this stunning track:) +0

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