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Having been away to Ireland with no web or loops (my lifeline) access for a while and at a questioning point in my life - what totally emotional music to come back to! I was so completely moved by this oustanding song from Alice and Patrick I just had to add - there is already a very fine drum add by jamlady :) so I really hope you don't mind my take on this one as well.
I thank you greatly for your music, emotion and inspiration, as always
Best Peter


August 10 2016 04:13:48
DannyKDannyK Awe inspring, Peter - sorry I missed it the first time around.
+1 August 11 2016 14:25:05 DannyKPJE
August 11 2016 14:25:30 DannyKPJE
Thank you so much Danny
September 08 2015 15:46:54
GirardGirard There goes the ride cymbal again. Tink tink tink!

September 08 2015 15:46:20
GirardGirard You're the king of gentle power. That's what I think. The ultimate drummer for dramatic heavy mush songs!
+1 September 08 2015 16:30:37 GirardPJE
OH Wow G!! - this is really such a huge compliment my friend I thank you very much indeed my friend :)
September 05 2015 11:55:59
LieschingLiesching Perfect drums add Peter! Fits so well! :)
+1 September 08 2015 16:28:42 LieschingPJE
I am so delighted for these thoughts of yours Marc - such a fine complinent coming from you my friend thank you :):)
September 04 2015 07:15:35
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome play:)
+1 September 04 2015 17:07:12 Lenny CowlerPJE
Thank you very much Lenny my friend and colleague :)
September 04 2015 05:01:52
nuno1959nuno1959 Niice add PJ, this song is stunning & you pulled it off just fine ! ;)
+1 September 04 2015 17:06:05 nuno1959PJE
Thank you nuno I really appreciate that fine compliment from you :)
September 03 2015 23:53:06
PsychoPsycho Wonderful job on this fine song !!
+1 September 04 2015 17:05:02 PsychoPJE
Hi Psycho really great of you to say and thank you man :)
September 03 2015 20:26:58
aleonzaleonz so happy to have you back Peter!, this is so great, full emotion, but sensitive sweet...I love this Peter, thank you so much
+1 September 03 2015 20:32:06 aleonzPJE
Hi Alice - I thank YOU and truly missed your beautiful songs and friendship very much - I am so happy and honored to be joining in on this stunning track:)
September 03 2015 19:48:11
abuitremoremabuitremorem very nice pje :)
+1 September 03 2015 20:08:43 abuitremoremPJE
You are very kind to say so abu thank you my friend :)
September 03 2015 19:26:07
heliandrosheliandros wonderful emotional expression on your drums to this lovely piece, Peter. Welcome back!
+1 September 03 2015 19:39:15 heliandrosPJE
Hi Andreas so good to hear from you - thank you - I am very pleased to be in touch again also my friend :)

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