The Hunger (M1)

Remix step #5 (playing)


Midoru116 jams Supporter
+ 12
My Mix of a great song. Midoru: Producer :)


November 09 2016 15:13:04
Well, it seems it was a long time since someone commented here!

Anyway, I find myself LOVING this track! Great job guys!

April 22 2016 01:40:32
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
Just found this.....Awesome work everyone! love it...powerful vocals and playing all....powerful

September 05 2015 22:23:24
Cool mix of this scary song, Midoru!
+1 September 05 2015 23:33:34 pkliesch Midoru
Thank you, pk.
September 05 2015 18:23:19
Great job, M! :)

September 05 2015 08:20:56
Mate this is great ".........I love the lyrics

September 05 2015 07:26:07
Wonderful job !!
+1 September 05 2015 17:49:49 Psycho Midoru
Thank you very much, Psycho.
September 05 2015 07:18:50
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
good job:)
+1 September 05 2015 17:49:04 Lenny Cowler Midoru
Thank you, Lenny :)
September 05 2015 01:55:33
That kicks ! Thank you so much Midoru! That was so kind of you!
+1 September 05 2015 17:47:23 Relativity Midoru
Planned to add some guitar, so worked on getting the mix ready. When done, thought well - what is cooler than a 7 minute epic rock song without a guitar solo. Think Kells' awesome voice and great band carry it all the way through. Must admit does sound pretty good on the studio sound system.
September 05 2015 17:57:02 Relativity Relativity
It does sound awesome!
September 05 2015 01:36:53
Midoru! My most valiant Producer, what hast thou done to this to make it sound so magical? So crisp and clear! Levels are excellent. What sorcery is this? This is wonderful! :) Thank you for this! :D You even leveled out the "I will consume you" that was really quiet. That has been driving me crazy! Thank you!
+1 September 05 2015 17:10:52 KellsBells Midoru
The cypress curtain of the night is drawn
And the Dark Mistress her Siren song
Lestat deep from slumber risen
Accords her reign in crystal prism
September 05 2015 19:21:30 KellsBells KellsBells
Hot damn! You are a smooth talker. :) you have me beat in the wording department. I admit defeat, and graciously bow to your superior verbage. :) you should be writing lyrics ;)
September 05 2015 20:07:38 KellsBells Midoru
Hehe - well, I could hardly reply to such an extraordinary compliment in an ordinary way. Think I sort of addressed your questions..?... :D
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