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Remix step #2 (playing)


heliandros110 jams Supporter
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with the permission of Alice I was allowed to poaching on her great voice tracks.
And believe me... it was a real joy!


November 04 2015 03:40:56
GirardGirard Great playing good sir!

September 07 2015 23:52:49
RelativityRelativity I missed this somehow! Great playing!
+1 September 08 2015 13:05:11 Relativityheliandros
Thank you very much, rel :)
September 07 2015 18:07:51
LieschingLiesching Jetzt musste ich doch mal gleich schauen, von welchem Song mit Alice die Rede war... Mann ist das schön, Andy! Bist ein großer Gitarrist! :)
+1 September 07 2015 18:19:08 Lieschingheliandros
Na ja, lass mal, bei mir braucht es immer zwei, drei Tage und ewig Hirnschmalz. Ich bin kein spontaner Jammer, dazu arbeitet mein Hirn zuviel, aber gottseidank auch dann noch das Herz :)
Schön, dass dir die Musik gefällt.
September 06 2015 18:43:56
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome bro:)
+1 September 07 2015 17:12:41 Lenny Cowlerheliandros
thanks, mate:)
September 05 2015 22:18:40
pklieschpkliesch Große Kunst, dieses gesangstemplate von Alice mit Fingerpicking so zu unterlegen, dass es klingt, als wäre der Gesang nachträglich entstanden. Hut ab, mein Lieber:)
+1 September 07 2015 17:12:23 pklieschheliandros
Und das alles mit Cubase 4.5 :p Aber mich ärgert schon, dass es hier so angezerrt klingt. Ich war immer exakt am Limit und meine mp3 klingt tadellos...
Die Spielfreude ist alleine Alice's Verdienst. Ein so wunderschöner Quell anregendster Inspiration :)
Ich danke dir für dein schönes Kompliment, mein Lieber :)
September 05 2015 20:00:25
aleonzaleonz I start to smile the moment I hear your guitar playin, I never imagine that this vocal arrangement will work with a real instrument as I arranged for a house music, but you really make it work...and those part when you playing around with vocal chorus, and the outro so cool Andreas...and I should be thank you for this beautiful idea...thank you Andreas :)
+1 September 07 2015 17:05:39 aleonzheliandros
Alice, I really have to thank you! It was such a heavenly joy for me to grab in the chest of creativity for every single bar, for every single note from you. Thank you, Alice :)
September 05 2015 19:01:20
KellsBellsKellsBells What a talent you have to turn this into a completely different sound than it had. A beautiful arrangement, Andreas. Pure heaven listening to it! :)
+1 September 07 2015 17:00:44 KellsBellsheliandros
thank you, my dear friend, schön, dass es dir gefällt :)
September 05 2015 17:35:57
titititi It is a new beginning ... passages suggest "bohemian rhapsody" by Queen.
Really original and well done Heli :)
I'm curious to add future

+1 September 07 2015 16:59:00 titiheliandros
wow, what a comparison... ch'te remercie, titi ;)
September 05 2015 17:11:28
StefStef Truly heavenly atmosphere! GREAT heliandros !!! :)
+1 September 07 2015 16:56:18 Stefheliandros
glad, you like it, stef
September 05 2015 16:55:35
sheltonshelton Very nice !:)
+1 September 07 2015 16:55:59 sheltonheliandros
thanks, shelton

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