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I got the blues too. My back hurts, and I lost my favourite blue pick in Urft... I can't play jazz, but I do know a bit of blues so hopefully it fits. Lots of space for Saxophone or whatever.

The original track was low on volume so I beefed it up a bit. Comments on the mix/volume/anything are greatly appreciated - don't be shy ;)

Cheers, TG


September 07 2015 16:01:41
Hey man, nice solo! Impressive your use of dissonant lines jumping into straight blues lines!
+1 September 07 2015 18:53:30 Itocpogo TeeGee
Thanks Ito, it sounds so cool what you say - I just don't know what it means - I am completely ignorant when it comes to music theory :D . I just play and pray that it works :) :)
September 08 2015 15:08:49 Itocpogo Itocpogo
I am sorry. I mean you very well play notes not in the blues scale and very well return to the blues scale. So you have a very good ear and really listen to the other players.
September 08 2015 15:36:48 Itocpogo TeeGee
Don't be sorry it is not your fault I am an uneducated fool:D :D :D
I always try to play notes in between the main scale notes, I am looking for something that sounds "different" - sometimes it works and sometimes it's terrible :) . Thank you for your comments, much appreciated my friend
September 07 2015 00:36:26
Cool tone on this one... fits great :)

September 06 2015 21:51:50
nice stuff--super bass -- Gator

September 06 2015 20:58:58
grossartig !!

September 06 2015 18:28:13
very nice guitar line TG!

September 06 2015 18:26:25
Great job on a template very challenging TG ! slightly higher volume in the mix! :)
+1 September 06 2015 18:32:16 Stef TeeGee
Thanks, yes the volume...damn!!
September 06 2015 17:59:39
Sounds good TG Great job !! :)

September 06 2015 16:32:14
Hey TG, very cool playing, and a great tone ! I think it fits very nicely! That's really a Jazzy Blues, like it very much! For me your guitar is a bit to loud. Sorry, now in German- der Lautestärkeunterschied zwischen Deinen Soli und den anderen Teilen wirkt auf mich ein wenig störend, mir ist dann der Gesamtpegel zu hoch. Am Ende wäre es schön den letzten Ton ausklingen zu lassen. Aber das ist nur meine bescheidene Meinung! :) aber das ändert nichts daran das das echt gute Gitarrenarbeit ist!! Well done my friend!!
+2 September 06 2015 16:47:04 frankyguitar TeeGee
Thanks Franky much appreciated. Yes you are probably right about the volume, on the computer it sounded ok but now i'm not sure anymore :/
The last tone was like that in the template from Shelton I swear I did not touch it :)
September 06 2015 17:01:22 frankyguitar frankyguitar
Yes, I Know what you mean! Ich habe öfters das Problem, dass sich die fertige MP3 laustärkemäßig anders anhört als der Song von der
DAW aus abgespielt, auch verschieben sich manchmal die Pannings und nach dem Upload klingt es manchmal noch anders! Ist total nervig! Ich glaube ich meine so eine Art ausschalt Knacks oder ähnliches zu hören, mit Kopfhörer und etwas lauter..... Mmhh, Ist im Original nicht zu hören.... Vielleicht zu schnell abgeblendet oder so?
September 06 2015 15:40:34

September 06 2015 14:40:20
It is sometimes necessary to dare...
Bottom between two chairs... Jazz?...Blues?
a not simple exercise :)
And that passes finally ;) Super TG


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