Life's Yearning Blues (Sehnsucht)

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Sehnsucht (German pronunciation: [ˈzeːnzʊxt]) is a German noun translated as "longing", "yearning", or "craving",[1] or in a wider sense a type of "intensely missing". Sehnsucht represents thoughts and feelings about all facets of life that are unfinished or imperfect, paired with a yearning for ideal alternative experiences. It has been referred to as “life’s longings”; or an individual’s search for happiness while coping with the reality of unattainable wishes.
Felt like some blues and this one hit the spot.


February 28 2016 13:35:49
UloisiusUloisius This Song is Part of the Album „Hinterhofballaden“


September 07 2015 17:10:50
MarceysMarceys Great lowtoner Relativity!

September 07 2015 00:31:38
PsychoPsycho You got the mood going on here... good job !!

September 06 2015 23:59:55
UloisiusUloisius oh man you are so cool, thank you for the fantastic add ;o)

September 06 2015 22:03:18
gnoerrebygnoerreby Good translation! Nice bass-line man!

September 06 2015 20:57:19
AKchenAKchen wonderful ...
+1 September 06 2015 21:36:56 AKchenRelativity
Thank you Akchen. Very kind.
September 06 2015 19:59:27
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler great bass ride:)
+1 September 06 2015 21:37:08 Lenny CowlerRelativity
Thanks my friend!
September 06 2015 17:40:58
StefStef Super bass line that complements a great blues Rela!! :)
+2 September 06 2015 17:52:03 StefRelativity
True fact , Stef: Im from Chicago. Every year I have one shot with Buddy Guy. Same place every saturday before Easter. We all gather in a small blues club and all the Chicago blues artists jam for each other.I sold him a lawnmower as well. Im good friends with the owner of a large management company in Chitown. Blues is in my blood. Played grungy and dark blues clubs when I was 15.
September 06 2015 20:26:17 StefStef
I envy you Rela! I love the blues as you understand, and in particular the Chicago Blues. Buddy Guy is a myth for me. I was born in Rome by mistake .... ahahaha

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