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Dream Theater and John Petrucci's guitar style has been a major impact to my guitar playing and musical thinking. So when I heard Jedi Knight's progressive like drumming, I couldn't help but give it a try.

I recorded this last week but couldn't edit it on the weekend because of toothache :( This is only guitar riffing, planning to put solos over it if im fully recovered.

HD guitar track is available :)


January 11 2017 19:26:39
u a bad man

April 10 2016 05:55:56
Killer, I REALLY liked that..awesome.

February 14 2016 10:24:45
awesome Kenny :)

December 06 2015 01:44:52
I like!

September 10 2015 03:01:02
Fan-bloody-tastic, Kenny! Dream Theater is also a long-time favourite of mine. This is an epic template and you did it perfectly. Phenomenal! :)
+1 September 10 2015 03:07:16 mpointon kennyadry
Thanks a lot martin and glad to know that! Im gonna be hearing some mike portnoy or manggini from u then :)
September 10 2015 03:09:53 mpointon mpointon
I'll try! They're well out of my league! The closest I've got to them is #45141
September 10 2015 03:12:01 mpointon kennyadry
I'll loo that up!
September 10 2015 03:13:24 mpointon mpointon
It's worth it for Free4One's epic Petrucci impression alone!
September 10 2015 03:29:23 mpointon kennyadry
I heard it! Yeah that was progressive drummin song! And outstanding!
September 08 2015 19:10:49
YEEEEEEESS! What a piece! You´ve got it that much, Mister K! :)
+2 September 09 2015 05:39:11 Liesching kennyadry
Thank u very much Marc! :) great to have u listened to it!
September 08 2015 05:59:11
Really great guitar playing, Kenny! Love Dream Theatre, also.
+1 September 08 2015 20:04:59 Midoru kennyadry
Thank u midoru :) glad u like DT also!
September 07 2015 19:37:59
pretty much flabbergasted here!!!!!!!!!
i smell smoke and pretty sure it's coming from YOU .:)
that was truly one amazing piece of furious guitar playing. i love 1:41 - whew! trying to wrap my head around the concept of you designing this against a percussion only track - you've BOGGLED MY BRAIN!

+2 September 07 2015 20:56:02 AnneCozean kennyadry
It is already satisfying to know that you listened and like this track Anne, but to have you comment in such kind way and reviewing my track,.what an honor, thank you so much :)
September 07 2015 17:25:25
+2 September 07 2015 18:41:20 Marceys kennyadry
Merci marc ;)
September 07 2015 16:48:28
wow ! look what we have here...Dream theater became one of fave my lullaby to sleep for such a long time, the solitude essence that you get from the heavy stuff that make your brain particle like a fire work hahahahha what a theory other words, you are so freakin awesome Kenny!
+1 September 07 2015 18:40:56 aleonz kennyadry
Thanks for the comments and listening sis! Glad to know u also like dream theater its one of my all time fav. Band :)

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