Mankind Obsolete (A Metal Opera)Acts I,II,and III

Remix step #3 (playing)


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available remixes:

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They Came To Our Planet.
They Ruled Us.
They Destoyed Us.

(Headphones Recommended)

I would like to thank Basster and EvilVince. Im not a Heavy Metal type guy..more Zeppelin, but their influence clearly is rubbing off on me having listened to them.


December 07 2015 01:28:57
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great one!

September 08 2015 14:37:52
PJEPJE Still catching up Joe and only just got to this - you amaze me with your tasteful selections and adds this is great music and mix and you are right its wonderful on Hphones GREAT JOB All :)

September 07 2015 15:30:34
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good bass:)

September 07 2015 12:02:04
UloisiusUloisius very cool bassride ;o)

September 07 2015 10:18:05
AKchenAKchen over fantastic

September 07 2015 09:06:13
MishteriaMishteria Great!!:)

September 07 2015 04:28:49
GirardGirard Steve Harris. One of my favorites. You reminded me of him here. I'd shake your hand if I could.
+1 September 07 2015 04:41:41 GirardGirard
I don't know, Steve Harris probably doesn't care about random fans who idolize him.
September 07 2015 04:27:58
GirardGirard Gorgeous bass. Top notch note choices, execution, awesome!

September 07 2015 04:24:17
GirardGirard I was just watching Ancient Aliens downstairs LOL
+2 September 07 2015 04:28:33 GirardDanalyze45
Hmmmm.... :)
September 07 2015 04:31:16 GirardRelativity
Thank you Girard, Thankyou for the tune Danalyze. I saw your previous comment and most generous. I deleted because the sound effects were way too loud. IIm just shredding a blues shuffle. its all boxes.Was fun!
September 07 2015 04:33:28 GirardDanalyze45
It's the choices we make (or not) that make the notes come alive :)
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