Infinite Sorrow

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Beautiful track by Acousticeg!!! This is hardly the blues, but this is music I'd play if I were sad. However, I'm not sad. So, I guess this is music I'm hurrying along (didn't do many takes - and it shows) for a day when I'm sad and I want to hear this kind of music. I already wish I'd done less improv on it, but I enjoyed playing tonight. Hope it brings sweet sorrows to ...
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No drums, Depressing, Sad


Sorry not to hear this sooner. I have been away. Your one of my favorite guitarist hear a Wiki. As others have said, you play with feeling and I can hear it in all your tunes. It's not an easy thing to pick up a guitar and bare your soul for all to see. But at the same time, Music speaks when there are no words. It comes from somewhere beyond ourselves. From somewhere long ago, in echo's from the past. Music is the only real magic left in the world.+1
April 16 2016 02:10:38
Haffast Wow! That's probably one of the most heartfelt compliments I've ever heard in my life.

Thank you. Thank you VERY MUCH.

I love to hear your music. Smooth as silk, EVERY time. This one in particular . absolute beauty, my friend. :)
Just super expressive really love your work on this :) :)+1
September 26 2015 16:31:01
Haffast Thank you SO much! I really, really appreciate that! This piece has been far more appreciated than I ever expected. Thanks Shelton! +0
Heart plug & Play!+1
September 26 2015 14:47:19
Haffast Thank you so much kind sir! I am so happy that you enjoyed this! :) +0
I would like to watch you playin this, H! Stunning. :)+1
September 26 2015 14:46:26
Haffast Thank you so much! That means a lot from someone who has SO much heart and soul in all of his compositions. A very heartfelt "thank you"! :) +1
Mate you are amazing and acousticeg is no slouch either ! Just needs me to sing it now and we will have a hit ! Lol+1
September 26 2015 01:05:05
Haffast Wow! Thanks man! Greatly appreciated!

We need to get rich! Let's do this! ;)
Great playing!+1
September 21 2015 23:28:17
Haffast Thanks! This is one of the rare "one take" tracks. I just make it up as I go along for everything, do the first take usually sucks since even I don't know what I'm doing +0
WOW....Aaron I have been listening to you play for what 20 years now? I remember the first guitar pedal you was silver. I have always thought you were incredible, but I am super proud of you for this one...I've known you since the 7th grade and I have never heard anything like this come out of you. This is flat amazing and while you think it is hurried and rushed, the fact is it's brilliant. One of my favorite things I have heard you play! :)+1
September 26 2015 14:43:57
Haffast Wow. I completely missed this comment somehow. I'm kinda floored, Kelly.

"Thank you" doesn't really cut it. I can't say how much I appreciate your kind words.

And I'm touched that you, that any of you, found this so compelling.

I guess sometimes you just don't recognize what you've done or how much someone else will appreciate it.

You know I've never been able to take a compliment, but I'm trying to learn. You know when I started playing, and what it meant to me in those days - what I needed it to mean....

I'll say all that I can: Thank you very much. A very solemn thank you Kelly.
September 26 2015 14:55:10
KellsBells There, there. :) Love you, pal. :) Come see me at the patch! +1
September 26 2015 14:59:03
Haffast I'm gonna have you take Cora next week. Don't think she's been yet +1
September 26 2015 19:20:02
KellsBells I'll be here...I'm always here. I close my I open Lol +1
September 26 2015 21:21:59
Haffast word. +1
Great playing, Haffast - for some reason I think of you as a British guitarist, no offense :)+2
September 08 2015 20:57:39
Haffast Ha ha! None taken! Right? ;)

Just remember: the level of self indulgent, overconfidence (ego stroking) I do on here could ONLY be possible by an American. Right?

That's the one thing we STILL excel at! Hahahaha! :)
September 08 2015 21:01:03
Midoru Hehe, keep it coming :) +2
September 08 2015 21:09:34
Haffast I will! Thanks! +1
Killer Credit :)+1
September 08 2015 20:58:56
Haffast Thanks a ton Girard! Much appreciated! And I appreciate your add as well! :) +1
Very Great Haf, Awesome play mate!! :)+1
September 08 2015 16:04:27
Haffast Thank you very much Franky! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) +1

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