Tinola la!

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Merci Kenny, your fine templates always become rich and good songs, aren't they ?
Bravo Kenny, M&M's and CeeKay ;)

I have added accoustic guitar (rhythm & melody), Rhythm electric guitar and lead one on intro and solo. I have arranged some parts (cut Kenny's rhythm here and there, mixed his solo, diversify backround ...) and for sure I had some fun and it reminds me our famous Urft's Jam Spirit !

Some Space available


September 11 2015 10:40:23
AKchenAKchen relaxing stuff, super cute ;)

September 10 2015 17:20:19
PJEPJE Such a masterful tone and beautifully executed Bravo Chris:)

September 10 2015 04:05:26
nuno1959nuno1959 Cool playing Chris, it's spot on, great vibe !!

September 10 2015 02:46:06
kennyadrykennyadry Great playing Tof! Cool lead guitar but i think your rhythm stands out the most. I do hear some out of sync thing though. But generally, evrthing went well my friend ;)
+1 September 10 2015 03:08:37 kennyadryTofzegrit
Merci Kenny.
I think there was a trouble with the Keys sync, then in my rhythm part that could be come from the copy/paste I did with the acoustic part... Too bad vs time spent to work on this one :)
September 10 2015 01:11:50
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens great GREAT playing Tof :) Love your Carlos tone ;)

September 10 2015 01:05:11
mpointonmpointon Tof, Tof, Tof! Always Tof. And always superb! :) :)

September 10 2015 01:04:33
CharleyCharley This reminds me of something else. Super job Tof!

September 10 2015 00:48:21
ivaxivax Good job friend, I love, I see you happy in your guitar, you transmit joy and dynamic, well done Tofz, very well all, good mix

September 09 2015 21:44:42
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Cool work, you are very busy here! ;) Love this stuff:)
+1 September 09 2015 22:23:42 frankyguitarTofzegrit
Yes I really wanted to make 3 different parts without superpose them (already 2 gtr channels from Kenny).
Merci Franky
September 09 2015 19:45:37
TG_StratTG_Strat Cool! Like a live jam indeed ;)


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