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To nice to pass by! Thank you guys, it was really fun to be a part of our band! Have try not to much, from this fine track, to cover with my guitar. I hope you can like it, if my add to loud, I want a lower remix. Tell me please what you think about. :) HD available


partymix, thx a lot to all+1
September 26 2016 16:41:34
frankyguitar Oh man, that's late :@ sorry steven !! And thanx for your nice comment:) +0
The mix is great, and you playing this with finesse :)+1
September 12 2015 17:55:05
frankyguitar Thank you very much Psycho! It was my first idea for it! Had only to play it again and again for making only little mistakes :) +0
klasse jam, wunderschön ..+1
September 11 2015 10:56:58
frankyguitar Ich danke Dir sehr akchen! Es ist mir immer ein besonderes vergnügen wenn ich weis das Dir etwas gefällt an dem ich rumgewerkelt habe. Lieben Dank. :) +1
I just have to say franky your sound is so excellent and tasteful i love particularly the build from :50 & the notes you hit at 1:13,14,15.....- the emotion and feel comeing through to me speaks elquently of all the love,care and efforts you made with this music - this is art my great friend the very best type - you must be very proud:) Bravo!!! :):)+1
September 10 2015 20:24:56
frankyguitar Thank you very very much. Yes, I'm proud, proud to be your friend!
I appreciate your kind words so high!
I think all what I try in music comes from my heart. And step by step will be my means of expression increase, because my ability increases, I hope. But also I think I have always doubt about my music, my additions, mixing, or whatever,like like many other musicians. Thank you Peter, you give me confidence!! :)
September 10 2015 21:00:23
PJE I am so pleased to hear this franky you have a great heart and its in your music my friend hope we jam together again soon :) +1
September 10 2015 21:47:34
frankyguitar :) :) +2
Lenny Cowler
very good Franky:)+1
September 10 2015 08:42:57
Lenny Cowler
frankyguitar Thank you very much Lenny! :) +1
Very cool add Franky, sounds fine to me here !!+1
September 10 2015 06:31:52
frankyguitar Thanx a lot nuno, I'm happy you think so! It shows me my work was not bad! :) +1
Great playing Franky! Right off the bat you came in, sounded great, and your playing keeps getting better and better! You're really getting good Franky! NICE+1
September 10 2015 06:29:32
frankyguitar Thank you very much my friend for spending your time to listen again and write this fine comment ! This one is one take but I had to play it again and again till it sufficient good for an upload. After I work a few ours for the sound that I had in my mind. I think this one you can Listen with headphones or speakers and both sounds not bad. Most works only with one of them. Thanx a lot captain:D +0
September 10 2015 06:55:06
LeftTheLoops9-18 It sounds great Franky. Thanks again so much for what is a fine add. Your like me ...spend alot of time and never satisfied!!!LOL! We have to learn to just keep it fun!Its wonderful! +1
very good Franky, I think the volume is successful, there are times that the guitar has to create role, I like+1
September 10 2015 06:17:09
frankyguitar Xavi my friend, thank you very much for this fine comment ! So beautiful for me you like it:) +0
Franky, sorry had some emergency car repair but all is well... anyway. WOW..man does this sound good! We can remix if you think its too loud, thats not a problem.THe playing is awesome and mix is good but I can give it a try if you wish. Sounds good my friend! Im listening on decent monitors. 2:10 onward sounds like two guitars from you not one.+1
September 10 2015 06:11:58
frankyguitar You make me quit impatient :) , go home, go home LOL :D +1
September 10 2015 06:49:12
frankyguitar Man, did you have an accident? Or is it broken down? Hope all is fine ! And no worry my friend, unfortunately we all can not ever living in wikiland and we have to do other importend things! I'm very happy about your fine comment ! It is really only one guitarline, all what you listen here is made with VOX Tonelab as interface and GarageBand as DAW :) +0
Like it I love it 🎸+1
September 10 2015 06:07:15
frankyguitar Mark, I love it if you love it :D thank you very much! +1

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