Old-Time Swing Or Charleston?

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Interesting template from Rainer. It does have a contemporary 'old swing' feel but I'd also argue there's more than a whiff of Charleston to it too!

Either way, it's hardly my forte so I went for a very straight and traditional swing, if you'll pardon the mixed metaphor. I hope it's worked.

Just a shame I have no idea how to get my drums sounding like they were being played in some smoke-filled '30s prohibition Speakeasy bar!


No reverb on the HD drums.


September 11 2015 23:32:32
Some extra "thanks" to you,friends, for all these comments - I didn´t know if there is any interest for this "outdated" style:-).
+1 September 11 2015 23:53:09 R1772 mpointon
I find many musicians have a very open mind towards 'traditional' music style. You have to look to the history of music in order to progress it!

I've just had a long chat with my mother and I'm wrong - it's too slow for a Charleston! I stand corrected!
September 11 2015 23:55:09 R1772 mpointon
And I've been informed the Charleston was the '20s and not the '30s! I am indeed in the wrong!
September 11 2015 23:59:00 R1772 R1772
That´s very interesting, Martin.I had set the tempo in my Imagination without orientation on swing, Charleston or such..but I listen very often to old 20ies and 30ies tunes..or..to Pasadena Roof Orchestra (from GB) :-)
September 11 2015 22:45:35
Dear Akchen, I´m happy you like Martin´s masterful drum add - his great "rolls" alone proof what a "real" drummer can do - nearly impossible to program with "midi":-)).

September 11 2015 10:43:07
oh my .. what fun, supercute

September 10 2015 17:47:14
Mixed metapors or not - you did it my friend I have my cigar, a decent hand of cards and certainly dont need no brown paper bag in this place - Bravo Martin!!!
+2 September 11 2015 23:03:04 PJE R1772
...wonderful impression:-)
September 12 2015 01:30:39 PJE PJE
Wonderfully inspired Rainer my friend :)
September 10 2015 15:12:07

September 10 2015 09:44:40
brutal hard knee limiting and compression 10k down knocked off wickedly.... that should do the trick....(nasty).
pr python would be proud...all dressed up as flappers with some inane song....he he great! :D :D

September 10 2015 06:02:18
Now for sth completely different. :) super!!!
+2 September 11 2015 23:06:38 Monika R1772
Thanks, Monika. With Martin´s help this Experiment had been succussful:-)
September 10 2015 05:55:17
Huge grin on my face all the way, fantastic & super fun
+2 September 11 2015 23:07:16 nuno1959 R1772
Thanks a lot, nuno!
September 10 2015 02:29:10
The hats are really pulling it together.Right on the moneyplaying D

September 10 2015 01:43:38
your ability to cover so many styles well is amazing - well done!
+2 September 11 2015 23:08:07 bhunt1 R1772
Hi bhunt - I agree: Martin has done such a great Job!

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