With Urft In My Keys

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It was such a great event! I can still feel the togetherness and musicality that was around there. Everyone is so nice and I had some really special musical experiences with you guys! Such an enriching, inspiring weekend. :)
Special thanks to Dick for organizing and leading the event, to his parents and fiancé for their great support, Kimbo and Ozy for the cooking, Willy for the nice afternoon trip, Peter for giving me a ride, and everyone else for just being there. It was outstanding!


August 13 2016 02:35:54
francisco alfrancisco al found that. one more. cool. good job. found that. More tracks by hurzel

September 14 2015 18:42:11
nuno1959nuno1959 Cool add !

September 13 2015 20:25:23
armstrongmarmstrongm Beautiful! Do you have your piano track by itself (without the mix of the other material)? It would be great to mix it in with the other stuff that I currently have. Again, wonderful addition to this tune!
+1 September 14 2015 09:11:17 armstrongmhurzel
Thank you! I have it, but it's gonna take a while to upload.
September 13 2015 15:16:43
UloisiusUloisius Du hast es echt drauf hurzel, absolut cooler add ;o)

September 13 2015 15:07:56
Pit BrettPit Brett Schönes Klavier Hurzel :)
agree with your comment. it was such a great time with all :)

September 13 2015 14:38:13
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler excellent:)

September 13 2015 12:27:36
aduadu Ben? Du bist spitze! Thank you sooo much for your wonderful addition :)

September 13 2015 11:55:43
aleonzaleonz I've been following this song since the first time Adu posted, and every addition gave a very special emotion that I can't describe by words, they just so wonderful...

September 13 2015 00:16:48
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Begeisterung aus jeder Pore!! Ich beneide Euch alle. Und nicht zu vergessen, super keys you added here!!

September 12 2015 22:02:13
AKchenAKchen one can feel it for sure :)

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