So Lonely And Bruised

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This template has been sat recorded on my Mac for two weeks. I've spent two weeks opening it, listening and then thinking, "nah, I'll do it again". Listened again tonight and decided a few timing tweaks were all that was needed. I'm still not happy with it - it just sounds a bit laboured to me.

As always with Marc, he gives you a musical Zen Rock Garden and dares you to come up with something! Always a challenge and always great to be forced to think creatively about the music. I kept it generally gentle but with a relatively busy kick drum to give people a guide in the gaps. I hope you like it. None of the existing bass adds seemed to fit so I've put it here.


No reverb on HD drums.


September 17 2015 20:05:40
kimbokimbo ....oooooh really struggling to count his one .....kick and hats are flaming against each other on the opening phrases....i can't get a handle on it till the snare counts me complex for little ole me ...undoubtedly good but i can't play it.:(

September 14 2015 21:10:21
nuno1959nuno1959 Nice cool ride, thanks !! ;)

September 14 2015 18:06:14
PJEPJE Smoothly expressive never too much and always just so right enough - I particularly like how you give it the solid feel and sound with out once taking anything away from the keys - some bass/adds would be nice but you know what..... not essential as its that musically full and good from you and Marc - Great timekeeping, totally tight and fine drumming Martin my friend :)

September 14 2015 01:31:38
kennyadrykennyadry Wonderful drumming here again martin! You've totally capture i think what on marcey's mind and at the same time incorporating ur own style

September 13 2015 14:11:34
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Wow, you did so well in this jam! Love it!

September 13 2015 11:48:23
aleonzaleonz you have to see my face when I hear this track Martin, listening to the 2 of you in this track it's like I was pay attention for some Einstein theory on the chalk board, my eyes might looks so empty but you guys really smokin my brain while absorbing this track by 2 musical genius

September 13 2015 02:43:33
onewholeftonewholeft A great build up to a masterful climax good job 10 thumbs each
+1 September 13 2015 04:46:18 onewholeftmpointon
Thank you, Lairdy!
September 12 2015 23:22:58
R1772R1772 Great atmospheric tune. A bit jazzy, a bit ambient.

September 12 2015 22:16:24
titititi Pleasure this evening to be your four thousandth fan !
+1 September 12 2015 23:03:06 titimpointon
Thank you, titi! :) :) :)
September 12 2015 22:07:18
AKchenAKchen super wonderful fit, love it :)


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