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Tofzegrit1199 jams Supporter
Remix step #5 (playing)


frankyguitar500 jams Supporter
+ 13
JazzRock, FunkJazz, or PunkJazzFunk??? I don't know. But I had a lot of fun with this great jam from the band. And it's me an honor to play with these great musicians.
Mix it new, with a bit from here and there, a bit panning, and added few tones. Btw, have checked out my new Vox stuff. Fun pure! :)


September 23 2015 19:27:09
Hehehe the Vox is fun, eh? :D
+1 September 23 2015 21:11:12 TeeGee frankyguitar
Hey TG, thanx a lot my friend! Oh yes, this stuff is soooo cool! Die Möglichkeiten sind fast unbegrenzt echt geil das Teil ! Habe mir Software runtergeladen dazu. Muss ich noch checken, scheint mir nicht so ganz simple zu sein das Ganze. Mal sehen, wenn ich mehr Zeit habe, teste ich es mal aus. :D
September 17 2015 20:40:10
This rips and swings Franky! Dang! You really kicked it up a notch. VERY FINE, one of your best ever!! wow man, really sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

:D Huzzah, and get in the boat, hold your sunglasses and watch your balance lol


+1 September 17 2015 21:04:37 Girard frankyguitar
Thankius maximus my friend! You make my day Girard!!! :)
September 17 2015 23:36:27 Girard Girard
You earned it!! WOO WOO all aboard the Amigus Express!
September 15 2015 22:55:45
You are on fire Franky !
Welcome in the No Jazz Player Club !
That stills jazz even if you are a pure crazy tone...
You have fun, that's good

+1 September 16 2015 00:14:45 Tofzegrit frankyguitar
Thank you very much for this nice welcome! Yeah, this was crazy fun. First I try a clean sound, not bad, but I thoght we would it sounds with a bit more crazyness ! Well, now here is. Thank you very much Tof, for spending your time with my funny funky crazy jazz punk! ;)
September 14 2015 21:28:36
It Pfunk Franky, Pfunk… ;) ;)
+1 September 16 2015 00:05:14 nuno1959 frankyguitar
LOL, Pfunk is cool, we made it famos in the whole world!! Thanx a lot nuno!! :) :)
September 14 2015 18:27:43
franky PunkJazzFunk - I love it and a greatly expressive addition with your own super style - fantastic fun my friend :)
+0 September 16 2015 00:03:02 PJE frankyguitar
Thank you very much Peter! It's always a pleasure to read your fine comments my friend! I'm very glad you spend your time to listen this crazy stuff and write these nice comments for me! :)
September 13 2015 19:02:10
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
perfect add Franky:)
+1 September 13 2015 19:42:25 Lenny Cowler frankyguitar
Thank you very much Lenny, appreciate your nice comment! :)
September 13 2015 16:08:13
cool dieser "PunkJazzFunk";o)
+1 September 13 2015 19:41:14 Uloisius frankyguitar
LOL, ja was auch immer. Dankeschön Uli :) Freut mich sehr, Dein cool! :)
September 13 2015 07:25:29
Did you count your notes? Think there are a lot! :) cool play Franky!
+1 September 13 2015 10:42:48 Marceys frankyguitar
Thank you very much Marc! No, I think I had me always miscounted, LOL! Appreciate your kind comment! :)
September 13 2015 03:05:52
You have killed it Franky great jazz my friend
+1 September 13 2015 10:38:26 onewholeft frankyguitar
Keith, I'm very pleased to read your kind comment, thank you very much! :)
September 13 2015 01:04:59
franky PunkJazzFunk fusion :) great job man !!
+2 September 13 2015 10:36:08 Psycho frankyguitar
Psycho my man, thank you very much! Yes, fusion is it, but what? lol. Had fun and I'm pleased you spend your time :)
September 13 2015 17:25:12 Psycho Psycho
It's the new franky fusion :)

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