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I PROMISE I only wanted to add a TINY LITTLE part that was just to end it on the right bar.

But I got a little sidetracked... It's not my fault. ;)


July 02 2017 21:46:15
Super played. The younger tracks are more effective in the mix. Great to hear you.
+1 July 05 2017 04:01:33 abuitremorem Haffast
In the earlier days, i still had more new ideas. I think i read out over a year or so ago. 😂😂😂
November 15 2016 01:55:43
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Haffast. ficou legal ótimo
+1 November 19 2016 15:34:57 francisco al Haffast
:) :D thank you!
April 16 2016 02:25:41
How can I not like this...sounds like fun. lol
+1 April 16 2016 02:28:40 Acousticeg Haffast
It was fun! Thanks for listening!
September 19 2015 07:36:22
francisco alfrancisco al
bem legal
+1 September 20 2015 09:01:12 francisco al Haffast
Thank you! :)
September 20 2015 09:01:12 francisco al Haffast
Thank you! :)
September 14 2015 05:19:33
Kick A$$ awesome Haff !!
+1 September 14 2015 05:28:27 RobM Haffast
Thanks a lot Rob! I'm pretty happy with this one. Glad you enjoyed it!:)
September 13 2015 19:59:54
YEAH! This is quite explosive. I wanna jam so bad because of this. Dang job gets in the way of everything lol. Thanks for the work guys.
+1 September 13 2015 20:42:14 PeterVeillon Haffast
I hope you get a chance too! The version before this is only half complete, but I can't wait to hear how you envisioned this turning out from the beginning.

Badass and rocking as always Peter!
September 13 2015 17:27:34
It's ok Haff, we forgive you. This rocks man !!!! Got that clean speed playing going really good !!
+2 September 13 2015 20:40:48 Psycho Haffast
Thanks Psycho! I have a problem, I know. I should see a counselor. :)

I've been trying, recently, to clean up my tones a little bit. Keep most of the gain, but lose the fuzz and distorted sound. A little more crisp.

It takes more takes though, because you hear the mistakes more clearly too
September 13 2015 20:52:37 Psycho Psycho
lol, I hear ya on the distortion thing, but I heard clean playing through it. I think this warranted the distorted sound :)
September 13 2015 20:54:29 Psycho Haffast
Thanks man! One thing I love about this place is it makes me want to try harder and harder. Something I didn't feel the same when I was making tracks on my own. At least not in the same way.
September 13 2015 17:08:40
Sounds awesome - pretty cool guitar riffing;)
+2 September 13 2015 20:38:35 Basster Haffast
Thanks man! Much appreciated!

I was hooked once I heard your heavy bassline. Had no choice after that.
September 13 2015 13:57:27
completely awesome...sounds like Maiden, old Scorpions, love it!
+2 September 13 2015 20:37:13 rp3drums Haffast
I'll take that compliment any day! Thanks a lot! They're some of my favorites!

And AWESOME drumming as always! You NEVER disappoint!
September 13 2015 12:03:51
Bad Ass perfect fit 🎸
+3 September 13 2015 20:36:09 Wikimark Haffast
Thanks Mark! I needed to get some stress out. This worked perfectly!
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