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This is a remix/add to a cool track by Big Daddy Cee but I haven't found the number for the original. It's a great track, someone added a fine bass track. I wrote the lyrics (copyright g.millhollon), sang and added some guitar fills. It's in the style of Tom Waits. --Gator Lyrics IN THE MORNIN' WHEN I WAKE UP I SMELL YOUR SWEETNESS NEAR MY SIDE IT STIRS MY SOUL TO KNOW THAT YOU SHARE MY TIME and share my LIFE WHY ...
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Tom Waits


I don't know who did the backing track but your remixe is so awesome, the song, your voice, the guitar too I think
Me Like :)
Great emotion evoking vocal. Classic storytelling, Reminds me of The Boss!

Just Awesome.
Nice work... you look like Jack Nicholson.... my hero :)+0
September 15 2015 14:37:28
Gatorblue Psycho, thanks for the compliment on the work. I'm kind of a grumpy old man like Jack, now that you mention it. +0
Great feel and vocals Gator - you've got real class my friend :)+0
September 14 2015 23:14:54
Gatorblue Thanks, PJE. Like most musicians, I so appreciate feedback. When it's not a pure blues song, I'm very unsure about stuff I do, but I love the creativity of trying other genres. -- Gator +1
awesome voice & song :)+0
September 14 2015 18:43:27
Gatorblue Thank you Andrea. The compliment on the vocals means a lot coming from you. Gator +0
This fantastic template is in my heart and soul ! I love your voice so deeply low and hoarse Gator!+0
September 14 2015 18:45:04
Gatorblue Thanks, Steph. I so appreciate your kind words. Tom Waits is someone I admire greatly and his style inspired me on this song. You are kind to me. --Gator +0

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