Rainbow In Her Deep Sky

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mpointon and hurzel were missing the bass. Here it is!
My second try with this fantastic track. Hope you enjoy and if you want, turn back the bass departement when it´s too dominant.
At this place thanks to everyone to made this track to what it is.
Cheers to Alice...I love your voice!


September 14 2015 20:21:21
ivaxivax very good
+1 September 14 2015 20:23:33 ivaxBassCook
Thank you very much, ivax.
September 14 2015 18:42:42
hurzelhurzel very nice playing!
i got issues with the sound as well! take for example 2:01 on the word "way", there is an issue...

+1 September 14 2015 18:49:01 hurzelBassCook
Thank you very much and i´m so sorry about the issues. I don´t know what it is, next time it will be better ;)
September 14 2015 18:32:53
aleonzaleonz Thank you for doing another remix with Martin, Ben & Adu inside the pack, really appreciate what you do here Holger, you bass line blend very nicely in this one, not over play, but somehow i hear some some trouble in the vocal in this remix, maybe if you can send me your isolated bass line, I can try to do the mix it. once again thank you very much
+1 September 14 2015 18:39:44 aleonzBassCook
Thank you for the very kind words, Alice.
Sorry for the trouble with the vocals, I don´t have seperate bass line. I will check it out. Cheers and thx for the great template :)
September 14 2015 18:29:28
jmrukkersjmrukkers Sweet!
+1 September 14 2015 18:31:10 jmrukkersBassCook
Thank you so much, jmrukkers :)
September 14 2015 18:28:58
aduadu Sehr schöner Bass, Holger! passt perfect :)
+1 September 14 2015 18:30:03 aduBassCook
Vielen lieben Dank, Andreas :)

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