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Great track from Frank, but a real shame no joiners?- I really hope for some adds if the fine looper musicians can stand and join in with my clumsy, heavy noisy drums
Cheers Frank for great fun jamming my friend :)


September 18 2015 21:19:23
GirardGirard You're a real star, Peter. I hope you are having a great day Amigo!
+1 September 18 2015 21:27:03 GirardPJE
Hey G jhope you are good just a quick hello as I am away so next to no loops for a few days until tuesday now - take it easy my friend :)
September 17 2015 06:15:08
KellsBellsKellsBells PETER! You are brilliant! this just made me smile from ear to ear...I can tell you had a ton of fun with this I had a ton of fun listening to it. Such interesting sounds and percussion. Just superfantastic my dear. :D
+1 September 17 2015 15:17:31 KellsBellsPJE
Kelly you are a superfantastic friend and so glad it made you smile, tahts such a compliment thank you :) :)
September 16 2015 06:50:59
texassontexasson Love it ! Perfect add!MORE COWBELL! LOL!
+1 September 16 2015 17:51:16 texassonPJE
Hi Texasson I am delighted by your super compliment my friend thank you - as for the cowbell- afraid I completely ruined all my pork and bean cans playing this - not even fit to recycle now LOL
Cheers :)
September 15 2015 22:09:42
AnneCozeanAnneCozean oh yeah!! way to bring it, Peter! how you ever came up with THAT, i'll never know, but it fits perfectly and really brings out the best of Frank's track, too. way to complete it beautifully - it's just magic!
+1 September 15 2015 22:14:49 AnneCozeanPJE
Oh Sister you just Melt my Butter with this wonderul compliment - makes my day you like it Anne - thank you and for helping me see the potential :)
September 15 2015 22:47:47 AnneCozeanAnneCozean
"melt my butter" - oh, i LIKE that!!! :)
September 16 2015 01:39:07 AnneCozeanGirard
LOL hilarious little exchange here. Lovin it :D
September 15 2015 21:14:55
abuitremoremabuitremorem very good pje .)
+1 September 15 2015 22:02:55 abuitremoremPJE
Hi abu thank you and very special this compliment from you my friend :)
September 15 2015 20:01:35
aduadu Great timming, Peter! And i agree with Uli! Sounds super. :)
+1 September 15 2015 20:19:01 aduPJE
Hi Adu this is so great to hear from you my friend I always value your thoughts - thank you very much :)
September 15 2015 16:23:33
UloisiusUloisius very cool, your beat makes me bob fully on my chair around here ;o)
+1 September 15 2015 16:28:25 UloisiusPJE
I like very much that you bob Ulo this is the best type of compliment my friend Vielen Dank :):)
September 15 2015 15:57:19
GirardGirard As an ARTIST you painted a lively, colorful scene full of good vibes and power. There is POWER in that cowbell cymbal run. Dead ahead and if something is in the way look the hell out it's going down.

Love the release at 0:36 ! Then back into it! The ride itself pops and gyrates back there.

I've always been impressed with drummers using 4 limbs separately, and I don't understand it. Your brains must be ultra efficient and sensitive to be able to pull it all off!!!


The snare and kick sound great as usual, the hi hat work is always great. The roll at 2:44 :)

Well done M'lord!

+1 September 15 2015 16:24:23 GirardPJE
Thank you so much G :):)
September 18 2015 21:17:46 GirardGirard
You're welcome! WOO WOO All aboard the Amigo Express! WOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOO
September 15 2015 15:51:08
GirardGirard Preparing for war. Listening again. My gawd that is just killer. The cowbell and cymbal mayhem is really special. I have heard thousands of Jams on Wikiloops and have never heard anything even close to that! It's unique, well executed, and sounds really really good !!! dayaam
+1 September 15 2015 16:25:35 GirardPJE
Your stunning compliments leave me speechless and blushing my friend - really!!! :)
September 15 2015 18:24:12 GirardGirard
Honest support and interactions leave us speechless both. That's because pure friendship in it's true form is RARE! To much ego in the way for most people!!! What's in it for them they ask? Well we know the secret. :) :D
September 15 2015 18:26:01 GirardGirard
Too much that is, not to much (spelling police thing)
September 15 2015 18:31:33 GirardPJE
you have great outlook and philosphy G the police know what you mean and cant arrest you for this its so right my friend :)
September 15 2015 18:37:19 GirardGirard
By the way look at the quantity of genuine amazing feedback Pete. So happy for you !!
September 15 2015 18:58:17 GirardPJE
Youa re a real star G and I know I am so lucky to have you and all these other amazing friends - I love the loops:)
September 15 2015 20:50:12 GirardGirard
LOL no, you're a star!!! LMAO :D :D
September 15 2015 14:42:40
GatorblueGatorblue Oh yeah....I feel some inspiration listening to this great track. Even a hint of early 60's rock. --Gator
+1 September 15 2015 14:45:48 GatorbluePJE
I am loving and getting excited at the sound of that Gator man!!! :) Thank you so much for the listen and compliment my friend :)

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