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September 22 2015 10:48:17
heliandrosheliandros Da bekomme ich Lust, sofort die Gitarre auszupacken. So ein wunderschönes Stück, lieber Marc.
+1 September 22 2015 14:34:02 heliandrosLiesching
Pack sie aus und zaubere wieder was Schönes! :) Danke, Andy.
September 22 2015 00:14:22
MonikaMonika :):):) HHaaaaahhhhhhhh

September 19 2015 20:12:45
fannefanne Great piece! Full of emotion, like the voicing and the switching of them through the octaves very much!
Once again you have to explain the title to me ….,I hear a piacera some agitato’s a few ralentando’s but not polymetric…

+1 September 21 2015 13:59:30 fanneLiesching
Thanks John for your fine and exact review! You´re certainly right. I just wasn´t sure if i should do the piano theme in 3/4 or 4/4 before I composed this. And then I was running out of track titles. Apologies :)
September 21 2015 14:45:29 fannefanne
no matter what time signature,it's a beautiful piece!
September 19 2015 14:30:16
AKchenAKchen wie immer eine Wohltat :)
+1 September 19 2015 15:05:36 AKchenLiesching
Vielen lieben Dank, akchen. Das freut mich wirklich sehr. :)
September 19 2015 07:23:12
francisco alfrancisco al muito bonito
+1 September 19 2015 13:26:06 francisco alLiesching
Thanks a lot, Francisco!
September 18 2015 14:42:31
nuno1959nuno1959 Governments/countries SHOULD pay/support people like you just for making everybody else's lives better through your playing...
+2 September 18 2015 15:39:59 nuno1959Liesching
I´ll talk to Mrs. Merkel as well as you should give Mr. Passos Coelho a call :) Thanks a lot, my friend.
September 18 2015 15:42:42 nuno1959nuno1959
Mrs Merkel ? You MIGHT get lucky..
Mr Passos Coelho ? Only w/ a baseball bat right between the eyes.. :D :D
Tempting if they would allow me Wikiloops in prison…..
September 18 2015 16:00:53 nuno1959Liesching
September 18 2015 06:51:06
WadeWade After so many thumbs and comments it's hard to say much you haven't heard. My thanks for bringing us so many fine pieces that soothe and enrich our souls.
+1 September 18 2015 15:41:21 WadeLiesching
Thanks for this very kind compliment. Much appreciated, Wade.
September 18 2015 06:41:08
MarianneMarianne My ears would recognise your signature keys any time, anywhere, Marc...and my soul is the richer for it every time I listen to you! Thank you! :)
+1 September 18 2015 15:41:59 MarianneLiesching
Thank you very much, Marianne. This compliment really makes me happy :)
September 20 2015 10:26:30 MarianneMarianne
September 17 2015 06:25:45
ToadCruncherToadCruncher pleasure to listen
+1 September 17 2015 08:58:35 ToadCruncherLiesching
Thank you Toad! Glad you like it.
September 17 2015 06:12:09
mpointonmpointon In truth, I'd so dearly love to add to your templates. But I either lack imagination or, more likely, the percussive creativity (or equipment) to add to them. They belong as they do - on their own, as epic and wonderful pieces. Please do not ever stop adding.
+1 September 17 2015 09:08:44 mpointonLiesching
lack of imagination or percussive creativity?? Very funny, my friend. You´re one of the most talented drummers I ever got tha chance to listen to. More likely it´s my lack of holding any beat straight for longer than a few seconds :)

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