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September 22 2015 10:48:17
Da bekomme ich Lust, sofort die Gitarre auszupacken. So ein wunderschönes Stück, lieber Marc.
+1 September 22 2015 14:34:02 heliandros Liesching
Pack sie aus und zaubere wieder was Schönes! :) Danke, Andy.
September 22 2015 00:14:22
:):):) HHaaaaahhhhhhhh

September 19 2015 20:12:45
Great piece! Full of emotion, like the voicing and the switching of them through the octaves very much!
Once again you have to explain the title to me ….,I hear a piacera some agitato’s a few ralentando’s but not polymetric…

+1 September 21 2015 13:59:30 fanne Liesching
Thanks John for your fine and exact review! You´re certainly right. I just wasn´t sure if i should do the piano theme in 3/4 or 4/4 before I composed this. And then I was running out of track titles. Apologies :)
September 21 2015 14:45:29 fanne fanne
no matter what time signature,it's a beautiful piece!
September 19 2015 14:30:16
wie immer eine Wohltat :)
+1 September 19 2015 15:05:36 AKchen Liesching
Vielen lieben Dank, akchen. Das freut mich wirklich sehr. :)
September 19 2015 07:23:12
francisco alfrancisco al
muito bonito
+1 September 19 2015 13:26:06 francisco al Liesching
Thanks a lot, Francisco!
September 18 2015 14:42:31
Governments/countries SHOULD pay/support people like you just for making everybody else's lives better through your playing...
+2 September 18 2015 15:39:59 nuno1959 Liesching
I´ll talk to Mrs. Merkel as well as you should give Mr. Passos Coelho a call :) Thanks a lot, my friend.
September 18 2015 15:42:42 nuno1959 nuno1959
Mrs Merkel ? You MIGHT get lucky..
Mr Passos Coelho ? Only w/ a baseball bat right between the eyes.. :D :D
Tempting if they would allow me Wikiloops in prison…..
September 18 2015 16:00:53 nuno1959 Liesching
September 18 2015 06:51:06
After so many thumbs and comments it's hard to say much you haven't heard. My thanks for bringing us so many fine pieces that soothe and enrich our souls.
+1 September 18 2015 15:41:21 Wade Liesching
Thanks for this very kind compliment. Much appreciated, Wade.
September 18 2015 06:41:08
My ears would recognise your signature keys any time, anywhere, Marc...and my soul is the richer for it every time I listen to you! Thank you! :)
+1 September 18 2015 15:41:59 Marianne Liesching
Thank you very much, Marianne. This compliment really makes me happy :)
September 20 2015 10:26:30 Marianne Marianne
September 17 2015 06:25:45
pleasure to listen
+1 September 17 2015 08:58:35 ToadCruncher Liesching
Thank you Toad! Glad you like it.
September 17 2015 06:12:09
In truth, I'd so dearly love to add to your templates. But I either lack imagination or, more likely, the percussive creativity (or equipment) to add to them. They belong as they do - on their own, as epic and wonderful pieces. Please do not ever stop adding.
+1 September 17 2015 09:08:44 mpointon Liesching
lack of imagination or percussive creativity?? Very funny, my friend. You´re one of the most talented drummers I ever got tha chance to listen to. More likely it´s my lack of holding any beat straight for longer than a few seconds :)

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