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Added some vocals to your epic haunting tune.

Edit: Title change. Woke up this morning and thought that I should foreshadow the final line in the song. Usually the reason I hold off posting for a few days.


September 29 2015 22:56:47
AKchenAKchen without words ...

September 17 2015 16:42:55
KellsBellsKellsBells I'm with Martin...can't stop listening to this... :D

September 17 2015 13:02:44
UloisiusUloisius very interesting singing to you present here ... big thumb

September 17 2015 05:46:21
DannyKDannyK Fantastic!

September 17 2015 05:16:07
KellsBellsKellsBells WOW! Shivers and spine tingles...EPIC! The story you tell...the way you tell it. WOW!

September 17 2015 04:19:58
TofzegritTofzegrit Martin has said it !
Very creative and the song here is out of time but full of emotions.
Josh Josh Josh

September 17 2015 03:53:51
mpointonmpointon Your vocals and, more importantly, creativity, are out of this world. So MANY thumbs for this. The vocal intro actually reminds me of a cross between Tibetan chanting and the wonderful 'Doomsday' song featured in Doctor Who when Rose 'dies' (season 3 I think). When your words come in, it's like Pink Floyd was given the deal for a mighty Hollywood film contract, except they were allowed to channel Freddie Mercury as a bonus. Utterly, utterly brilliant. I can only give one thumb. You deserve more than I can count. So brilliant, so creative, so inventive, so brave and, ultimately, so effective. And you nailed the context so hard the nail isn't coming out for 100 years.

Thank you. It's rare for me to listen to an upload round and round. With this I did. Many times.

One of the very best vocal performances I've heard on the loops so far.

+2 September 17 2015 05:20:06 mpointonKellsBells
Totally agree M. With everything you said...add an audience of Ood and you nailed the review! :)
September 17 2015 05:22:49 mpointonmpointon
I forgot the Ood, Kells! Absolutely. How could I forget the Ood! This is haunting stuff that Murray Gold should be employing! I'm so glad you agree.
September 17 2015 14:16:18 mpointonJoshDexter
You got the Doomsday nod!!! I love you hahaha
September 16 2015 23:35:19
WikimarkWikimark Josh this is incredible I am in awe 😀
+1 September 17 2015 00:02:41 WikimarkJoshDexter
glad you liked it Mark :D
September 16 2015 22:54:17
MidoruMidoru Very good use of voice and interesting harmonies - you are quite talented!

September 16 2015 22:17:48
pklieschpkliesch Very cool, Josh!


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